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7/10/67 <br />. Storm Sewer - Between York and Zenith Avenues from 58th to 59th Streets . <br />3. <br />Permanent Street Surfacing - Alley between William and Bedford Avenues <br />from Vest 51st Street to West 52nd Street <br />Permanen$ Street Surfacing and Curb and Gutter - Claredon Drive from Dewey <br />Hill Road north to cul-de-sac <br />OILIMG PETITIONS RECEIVED. <br />1-IacMillan and carried, the following oilingptitions wer.e received and referred to the <br />Department of Public Works for processing: <br />Upon motion oflkustee VanValkenburg, seconded by Trustee <br />1. Benton Avenue from Code Avenue to Bernard Place <br />2. Beard Court <br />ALLEY BETWEEN BELNORE LANE AND THIRD STREET APPROACHES REQUESTED. I4r. Hyde presented, a <br />petition signed by ten property owners on Adams Avenue and Washington Avenue and be- <br />tween Belmore Lane and Third Street requesting construction of drive approaches at each <br />end of the alley. <br />street improvements which have been gpproved for the area dnd that no public hearing <br />would be necessary. <br />He pointed out that this work would be done in connection with the <br />NARK JONES GRANTED PLAN APPROVAL FOR APARTMENT AT T.H. a169 and WEST 53RD STREET. &. <br />Hyde presented building plans submittedly Nr. Mark Jones who has purchased the WatsP;n <br />property which has been rezoned under Ordinance No. 261-130. <br />publication of this ordinance had been withheld pending receipt of a 30-foot roadway <br />easement and that this easement has now been received. <br />the proposed apartment, stating that he has complied with all recommendations set forth <br />by the Planning Commission. <br />and T. H. #l69 to each end of the building and to the center of the unit which should <br />serve to divert traffic for the 174 unit building. <br />the plans as presented, Trustee Courtney's motion for plan approval as recommended by <br />Planning Commission was seconded by Trustee VanValkenburg and carried. <br />I4r. Hyde advised that <br />Mr. Jones presented a model of <br />He advised that access will be from both West 53rd Street <br />Following considerahle reviewal of <br />BUILDING INJUNCTION FILED FOK COUNTRYSIDE ADDITION, ZUEHLKE KEPLAT. <br />that property owners in the area of Tracy Ave nue and Hest 62nd Street had filed an <br />injunction against the Village and Zuehlke Construction Company which would restrain <br />construction of more than two single family dwellings on Lots 1, 2, and 3 of Zuehlke's <br />Replat of the Countryside Addition. Mr. Nhitlock stated that he had represented the <br />Village in Court and it appeared to him that under a deed restriction the Zuehlke Con- <br />struction Company has no right to build more than two single family dwellings on that <br />property which has been replatted into three lots. Mr. Whitlock further pointed out <br />that if Zuehlke Construction Company is successful in breaking that covenant, the <br />question of the authority of the Village to approve the replat and to issue building <br />permits will become relevant. It was brought out khat the Village has not published <br />notices of plat approvals as required in Ordinance No. 263A. .The question of the pro- <br />per front yard setbacks for dwellings proposed to be located at 6112 Tracy and at 5700 <br />West 62nd Street has also been raised by the plaintiffs. Trustee VanValkenburg stated <br />that he believes that this is a problem for the builder and that the Village should not <br />be put to any expense on thTs account. &yor Bredesen pointed out that if the deed re- <br />striktion is valid, the Village need be concerned only with administrative action. <br />Nr. Hyde advised <br />I <br />HENNEPIN COUNTY LIBRARY BUILDING FUNDS DISCUSSED. <br />to a letter from Mr. Alan L. NcLean, President of the Hennepin County Library Board, <br />relative to the new library bill adopted by the 1967 State Legislature. The letter <br />indicated that current estimates of available building funds for the period through <br />December, 1969, is expected to be $1,374,817. <br />courses of action as to how to most equitably appropriate these funds. <br />opinion of Council was that this matter should be continued in order that further study <br />can be given the matter. <br />additional information . <br />EVANSWOOD LANE TO BE INCLUDED IN WATERMAIN IMPROVEI4ENT NO. 212. Mr. Hyde recalled to <br />Council that following authorization of,Wate~main Improvement No.212, action was taken <br />at the Council Meeting of April 17, 1967, deleting watermain laterials west of Blake <br />Road which had originally been included in the improvement. Although not specifically <br />mentioned, intention at that time was to include Evanswood Lane from Blake Road to the <br />north line of Evanswood Addition in compliance with a petition which had been submitted <br />by Dr. Edward T. Evans. Trustee Courtney's motion to include Evanswood Lane laterals <br />in Watermain Improvement No. 212 as originally intended was seconded by Trustee Mac- <br />Millan and carried, <br />14r. Hyde called Council's attention <br />Council was asked to consider suggested <br />Concensus of <br />Mr. Hyde advised that he will contact Miss Helen Young for <br />I <br />SPRINKLING SYSTEH APPROVED FOR GRANDVIEW LIQUOR STORE. Mr. Hyde advised Council that <br />Jerry's Enterprises, owner of the building housing the Grandview Liquor Store, wishes <br />to install an automatic sprinkler system which would serve Jerry's Lucky Dollar, G.& K. <br />Cleaners, and the liquor store at a cost of $1,086.32 to the Village. <br />imately $300 would be saved annually in fire insurance premiums and the improvement <br />Because approx-