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5. <br />1/15/68 <br />I consent of a majority of the members of the Village Council. <br />Section 4. Compensation. All members sh%=ll serve without compensation. <br />Section 5. Organization. The Board shall elect a chairman from among its mem- <br />\ bers for a term of one year, and shall appoint. a secretary, who need not be a member <br />\ of the Board. The Board shall hold at least one regular meeting every month. <br />Section 6. Powers and Duties. <br />(a) To advise and assist the Edina Village Council and Park Board in the devel- ., - <br />opment of a recreation program for Edina teenagers. <br />with the cooperation of the Edina Public Schools. <br />This program shall be developed <br />Section 7. Staff. <br />(a) <br />(b) <br />Staff services shall be furnished to the Board by the Park and Recreation <br />The Edina School District will be requested to appoint one staff member to <br />Department of the Village. . <br />assist the Park and Recreation Department staff and-to advise the Teen Recreation <br />Board. <br />Motion for adoption of the ordinance was secon <br />I <br />I <br />I rollcall there were five ayes and no nays and - - - <br />ATTEST : <br />I <br />- Village Clerk u3 <br />W u3 a 0 SIGN ORDINANCE NO. 61B ADOPTED. Mr. Hite presented Ordinance No. 61B for Second <br />Reading. <br />more comprehensive ordinance can be prepared within the next few months. <br />pointed out that restrictions have been inserted into the ordinance which will <br />probably be objectionable to sign companies but which conform generally to restric- <br />tions of other municipalities. He said -the restriction on necessary signs was only <br />slightly different from the present ordinance. <br />in the Village must have the right to identify themselves within reason. Mr. Hite <br />pointed out that this ordinance is more strict with free-standing signs than signs <br />on buildings, and that it is proposed to relate the size of a building sign to the <br />size of the building on which it is to be placed. Councilman Johnson then offered <br />the following ordinance for Second Reading and moved its adoption: <br />This ordinance is proposed to serve as a "stop-gap" ordinance until a <br />Mr. Hite <br />Mayor Bredesen noted that businesses <br />ORDINANCE NO. 61B <br />AN ORDINANCE REGULATING AND PROVIDING FOR THE <br />LICENSING OF SIGNS: REPEALING ORDINANCES <br />I <br />NOS. 61A AND 61A-1 <br />THE VILLAGE COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA, MINNESOTA, ORDAINS: <br />Section 1. Definitions. For purposes of this ordinance, the following defin- <br />(a) <br />b itions will apply to the terms used: <br />The term rlsignrl means any letter, word, or symbol, device, poster, picture, <br />statuary, reading matter or representation in the nature of an advertisement, announ- <br />cement, or direction, whether painted, posted, printed, affixed or constructed, <br />which is displayed outdoors for advertising or informational purposes. <br />(b) <br />over the public property more than 12 inches. <br />(c) <br />of the surface which bears the advertisement, or in the case of messages, figures, <br />or symbols attached directly to any part of a building, that area which is included <br />in the smallest rectangle which can be made to circumscribe the message, figure, or <br />symbol displayed thereon. <br />roof line of a structure to which it is affixed. <br />the premises on which it is located, or to products, accommodations, services or <br />activities on the premises on which it is located. <br />The term "nonaccessory sign" means a sign other than an. accessory sign. <br />The term "free-standing sign" means a sign which is supported by upright <br />The term "wall sign" means any sign which is affixed to a wall or canopy <br />The term "projecting sign" means any sign, all or any part -of which extends <br />The term "sign area" means that area of each sign within the margina.1 lines <br />(d) <br />(e) <br />The term l'roof sign" means any sign erected. upon or projecting above the <br />The term ltaccessory sign" means a sign relating in its subject matter to <br />(f) <br />(g) <br />(h) <br />braces or posts placed in the ground and not affixed to any part of any structure. <br />of any building and.lies parallel to the building wall. <br />Sec. 2. Signs for which Permits are Required. Before a sign having a sign area <br />of 6 square feet or more, or any sign to be located within 50 feet of any street or <br />highway sign, or of any traffic- sign or signal, or of any street or crosswalk, may <br />be displayed, the owner or occupant of the premises on which the sign is to be lo- <br />cated, or the owner of such sign, shall file application with the Village Manager for <br />permission to display such sign. The applicant shall submit with the application a <br />complete description of the sign and a sketch showing its size, location, manner of <br />construction and such other information as shall be necessary to inform the Village