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38; I <br />2/19/68 <br />f <br />rollcall there were four ayes and no nays <br />ATTEST : <br />- 1- , . r. <br />.<y -* _-I I .'I,.,. <-': <br />2,4-D GRANULES BID AWARDED TO LYON CHEMICAL COMPANY. Mr. Hyde presented' tabulation <br />of bids taken on February '1.5,. 1968; in response to yAdve?tisement for -Bi'ds in 'the 7. <br />Edina Courier on February I, 1968, .which affidavitlwas presented by:Clerk, approved <br />as to form and ordered placed on file. Tabulation of bids showed Thompson-Hayward <br />Chemical' bid of 1$9.75 !per 50 pound bag; Lyon Chemical .Cohpany bid #of $10.75 and . <br />Standazd Oil Company high hidder at1$10.98. <br />Chemical Company does not meet speafE2cationsin' the 8-15 mesh size and recommeaded <br />award of bid to Lyon Chemical Company. Mi. Elmer Lesch, Chemical Ilerchandiser for <br />Standard Oil Company, protested the award to Lyon Chemical, stating-that an adver- <br />tising brochure attached to the Lyon Chemical Bid describing two different types of <br />-granules and that this should have invalidated the bid. Village Attorney Whitlock <br />advised that in his opinion the bid was in no way conditioned upon the aetachment. <br />Councilman Johnson's motion for award of bid to Lyon Chemical Company, based on the <br />opinion of Mr. Whitlock, was then seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried.. <br />DONALD M. BECKER SUIT FOR FALSE ARREST REFERRED TO ATTORNEY AND INSURANCE COBPANY. <br />Mr. Hyde advised Council that a suit for false arrest of Mr. Donald M. Becker, aris- <br />ing out of a ticket issued for illegal passing, has been referred to the attorney <br />and the insurance company. It was pointed out that the Village carried insurance <br />for false arrest up to $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for group coverage. <br />PETITIONS RECEIVED. <br />Glasgow Drive, which petitions were accepted for processing by motion of Councilman <br />Johllson, seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />Mr; Hyde advisedkhat Thompson Hayward <br />- <br />- <br />- <br />Petitions were presented for sanitary sewer and watermain for <br />T?ALLACE KENNETH R-5 ZONING REQUEST AT VERNON AVENUE AND HANSEN ROAD CONTINUED FOR <br />SIX MONTHS. Hr. Hite recalled ta Council that on September 19, 1966, first reading <br />had been granted to Ordinance 261-136 rezoning property owned by Mr. Wallace Kenneth <br />at the intersection of Vernon Avenue and Hansen Road to R-5 Multiple Residence Dis- <br />trict. Second reading was withheld pending receipt of an easement which would per- <br />mit a secondary access to Vernon Avenue and approval of building plans by Planning <br />Commission. No further action had been taken in this matter by Mr.Xenneth. <br />of the lapse of time, the property would normally revert back to R-1 zoning. <br />Kenneth has now requested that he be granted six months in which to comply with the <br />stipulations set forth. <br />for six months and that Blr. Kenneth be formally advised of this action was seconded <br />by Councilman Shaw and carried. . <br />- <br />Because <br />Mr. <br />Councilman Courtney's motion that the matter be continued <br />EDINA INTERCHANGE CORPORATION REQUEST FOR C-4 ZONING DENIED. Mr. Rite noted that <br />at its meeting of February 7, 1968, Planning Commission had recommended denial of <br />the request of Edina Interchange Corporation for C-4 zoning of Lot 11, Block 3, <br />Edina Interchange Center in order that a gasoline station could be built, <br />man Johnson's motion accepting the recommendation of the Planning Commission was <br />seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />Council- <br />HEARING DATES SET FOR VARIOUS PLAT APPROVALS. Councilman Shawls motion setting <br />March 4 for preliminary hearing date for Dreher Addition First Replat, Parkwood <br />Knolls 16th Addition, Cardarelle R.L.S., Village of Edina R.L.S., and Cardarelle <br />Addition was seconded by Councilman Courtney and carrzed. <br />TRIPLE A INVESTMENT COBfPANY OFFICE BUILDING DISTRICT HEARING DATE SET. Councilman <br />Courtney's motion setting March 18 for hearing date for rezoning of the Hedberg <br />Property on France Avenue and Parklawn Avenue from R-1 Residential District to <br />Office Building District as. requested by Triple A Investment Company was seconded <br />by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />NINE MILE WEST FIRST ADDITION GRANTED FINAL APPROVAL. <br />Nine ,Mile Vest First Addition for final plat approval as recommended. by Planning <br />Commission, stating that agreements have been worked out to provide the area with <br />necessary improvements. Councilman Johnson then offered the following resolution <br />and moved its adoption: <br />- <br />- <br />Mr. Hoisington presented <br />., <br />.I