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I 8 3, <br />5/6/68 <br />u3 <br />t)7 u zd <br />and shops anL a gas station. The property abuts the --Jd ake project and is <br />surrounded by R-1 zoning, with the Creek Valley School located in the southeast <br />quadrant and a future Lutheran Church in the southwest quadrant of the inter- <br />section. <br />of the request at its meeting of March 6, 1968, on the following grounds:, <br />1. <br />adopted by the Planning Commission of February 6, 1968. <br />this area is to be used for park and recreational purposes. <br />2. <br />lated long before such rezoning was requested. <br />proposed to be acquired as anLintegral part of this community-wide park and <br />recreational complex. <br />3. Such proposal is contrary to the Village policy of not permitting commercial <br />facilities in close proximity to highway interchanges. <br />Mr. Hite further noted that it is not considered advantageous to have a shopping <br />center in'an area that is to be used for park and school purposed since a facility <br />of this type would attract additional traffic. Mr. John Crouch, representing <br />Cherokee Sales, Inc., presented photographs of the site and stated that response <br />to the questionnaire mailed to residsnts of western Edina in January, 1968, indica- <br />ted that 34% thought that existing convenience shopping facilities were very good, <br />38% thought they were adequate and 28% thought that they were inadequate. The <br />respons'es to the questionnaire also indicated that 77% thought that additional <br />facilities would be needed as the population in t'hat area doubles within the next <br />five years. Mr. Crouch stated that it is proposed that the,facility would in- <br />clude men's and women's apparel stores, a grocery store, drug store, hardware <br />store, barber and beauty shop, dry cleaning shop and gas station. He presented <br />a petition which Cherokee Sales, Inc., had circulated west of Hansen Road and south <br />of Pine Grove Road which he advised had been signed by 80% of the residents app- <br />roached. A gentleman in the audience pointed out that this petition had been <br />signed by "unsuspecting housewives" and that the proposed development had not <br />been fairly represented to them. <br />property is easier to sell if shopRing facilities are conveniently lqcated and . <br />stated that if he had taken the time, he could have gotten many more names on <br />the petition. Messrs. E, J. Graham, 6205 Balder Lane, Kent Calhoun, 6617 Gleason <br />Road, Earl C. Sharpe, 6600 Gleason Road, Gordon Thernell, Mr. Christgau, and Dr. <br />Glen Lewis, 6328 Gleason Road, all protested the proposed facility, stating that <br />a shopping center*in,thQi area would cause a dangerous situation for children <br />drawn to the area by the school and recreational facilities. 'Mayor Bredesen <br />pointed out that it must be remembered that a property owner has the right to <br />develop his property and that even if this proposal is denied, some type of dev- <br />elopment will be forthcoming. In reply to a question from the audience as to . <br />why the property could not be purchased as a part of the Mud Lake development, <br />Mayor Bredesen stated that there is a question as to how much the Village can <br />spend for park property at any one location. A lady who lives on Balder Lane <br />pointed out'that she can drive to Southdale in seven minutes and that no further <br />shopping center development is necessary. Discussion ensued as to the possib- <br />ility of development of shopping centers in Minnetonka Village and in Eden Prairie <br />which could serve western Edina. <br />a gasstation would be most undesiyable, Mr. Harry DeSales of Cherokee Sales <br />stated that most people feel that a service station in their area is a convenience <br />and would favor such a facility. Mayor Bredesen noted that while he believes that <br />the proposed shopping center might serve some useful function to the neighborhood, <br />the Planning Commission has given much thought and diligent study to the project <br />and he would suggest that their recommendation for denial be followed, based on <br />the- reasons stated at the beginning of this hearing. Councilman VanValkenburg <br />then moved that the zoning request of Cherokee Sales, Inc., be denied based on <br />the recommendation of the Planning Commission and based further on the fact that <br />he believes that it would create a dangerous situation for c,hildren going to the <br />park and also because he believes this to be "strip zoning" which is poor zoning. <br />Motion was seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />noted that since it .is ev+ident to him that some shopping center development is <br />desirable, Planning Commission should give further study to a possible desirable <br />location. <br />Mr. Hite further noted that Planning Commission had recommended denial <br />The proposal does not conform to the generalized land use plan (Alternate 5) <br />The plan indicates that <br />The proposal conflicts with plans for the Mud Lake.project which were formu- <br />This center would occupy lands <br />Mr. Oscar Jones,of Cherokee Sales stated that <br />In reply to a statement from the audience that <br />Councilman Johnson then <br />,. <br />Mayor Bredesen left the meeting at this time. <br />assumed the Chair. <br />Councilman VanValkenburg then <br />ALLEY BETWEEN 5005 AND 5013 BEDFORD AVENUE VACATED. Affidavits of Notice were <br />presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Mr. Hite . __ presented the petition of abutting property owners for vacation of the alley ' <br />between 5005 and 5013 Bedford Avenue, advising that the Village has received a <br />drainage easement for the property. Mrs. William R. Winsor, 5013 Bed€ord Avenue <br />signer of the petition, reiterated her request that the alley be vacated. No