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6/17/68 L <br />the alley during a heavy rain. Mr. Willett further pointed out that since the <br />spring of 1957 he had rented and maintained a pump to keep the water at as low a <br />level as possible. <br />the assessment area who desire that the storm sewer be approved as proposed with- <br />out further delay. Mr. Thomas Luce, 5817 Zenith Avenue, also spoke in favor of the <br />proposed storm sewer. Messrs. Kenneth Peterson, 5716 Abbott Avenue, Clinton Deni- <br />son, 5600 Abbott Avenue and R. C. Morrison, 5720 Abbott Avenue, all spoke in oppo- <br />sition to the manner by which the storm sewer is-proposed to be assessed. They <br />were advised by Council that this hearing is only for the purpose of determining <br />the need of the project and that the method of assessment would be determined at <br />the assessment hearing. In reply to a question of Mr. Lloyd A, Johnson, 5624 <br />Abbott Avenue, Mr. Hite advised that the proposed system would be adequate for <br />all but the exceptionally heavy "ten or twenty year" storm. Mrs. E.*F. Brzeneski, <br />5840 Abbott Avenue, suggested that the storm se.wer to be constructed in the alley <br />between Abbott and Zenith North of West 59th Street be continued to West 60th <br />Street. It t7as suggested that in correcting the alley problem that another prob- <br />lem is being created. <br />cil to authorize a more extensive storm sewer since the cost would be prohibitive <br />in relation to the additional benefit gained. Councilman Johnson suggested the <br />possibility that payments already made for the previously installed storm sewer <br />might be taken into account when the proposed storm sewer is actually assessed. <br />No further comments being heard, Councilman Courtney's motion approving construc- <br />tion of the storm sewer as proposed was seconded by Councilman VanValkenburg and <br />carried. <br />D. CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SEWER AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Mr. Willett advised that he represents property owners in <br />Mr. Hite advised that he could not justify requesting Coun- <br />(See Resolution Ordering Improvement later in Minutes.) <br />West 52nd Street from Minnehaha Creek to Halifax Avenue <br />Halifax Avenue from West 52nd Street to West 50th Street <br />On an easement line from approximately West 51st Street and Halifax Ave. <br />to France Ave. <br />France Ave. from midway between l?est 50th Street and West 51st Street to <br />West 49% Street <br />TJest 49% Street from France Ave. to midway between France Avenue and Halifax <br />Avenue <br />THE FOLLOWING: <br />Improvement on Halifax 'Avenue bitween its intersection with Rest 50th Street <br />E. CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANANT STREET SURFACING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER IN <br />and a point approximat'ely ' 300 feet Southerly thereof; thence Sou.theasterly <br />to the intersection of France Avenue and West 51st Street <br />Items D and E above being related, hearings were conducted concurrently on the <br />sewer at $125,342.42, proposed to be assessed against an estimated 755,299 assess- <br />able feet at an estimated cost of $0.1475 per assessable square foot. <br />pointed out that it is proposed to pay $13,810.88 of this amount from Municipal <br />State Aid Funds. Estimated total project cost of the street improvement listed <br />under E above was given at $176,076.65. <br />finance the development of this South Perimeter Road primarily from the Village's <br />Municipal State Aid Street.Improvement Fund plus some assessments against proper- <br />ties abutting the new road between Halifax and France Avenues. The estimated rate <br />of assessment is not anticipated to exceed $25.00 per foot of property frontage <br />along the proposed new street. Mr. Fremont Fletcher, representing 0. D. Hauschild, <br />Inc., inquired what basis was used for determining the proposed storm sewer assess- <br />use was considered and that some residential properties which have already been <br />assessed for storm sewer have been excluded from the assessment district. <br />Fletcher stated that the Hauschild property does not contriubute any water to the <br />proposed storm sewer. Mr. Fletcher further protested that the Hauschild Company <br />loses access to France Avenue on the north side of their building and that they <br />are not benefited by any of the area improvements. Mr. Hite replied that the matter <br />of access has not been determined as yet because details have not been worked out. <br />Mr. Warren Weck, representing business properties in the 50th and France Avenue <br />area, was advised by Mr. Hite that adequate parking facilities were planned to <br />serve the area. Mrs. W. H. Hauck, 5029 Indianola Avenue, was advised by Mr. Hite <br />that only properties east of Halifax Avenue and north of West 51st Street are <br />proposed to be assessed for these improvements. <br />heard, Councilman Johnson offered the following resolution for approval of the <br />above improvements and moved its adoption: <br />. two proposed improvements. Mr. Hyde presented estimated project cost for the storm <br />I <br />Mr. Hyde <br />Mr. Hyde advised that it is proposed to <br />. ment area. He waa advised by Mr. Hite that a combination of topography and land <br />Mr. <br />No further discussion being <br />RESOLUTION APPROVING WATERMAIN 232, STREET IMPROVEMENTS <br />BA-130 AND BA-131 AND STORM SEWERS 114 AND 115 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, that this Council <br />heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published and mailed to owners of <br />each parcel within the area proposed to be assessed on the following proposed im- <br />provements: <br />r