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222 1 i 9/9/68 <br />Antrim Road from Dublin Road to West 70th Street: <br />The lots or Tracts of land proposed to be assessed for the above improvement <br />include: Parcel 1520, Sec. 8, Twp. 116, Range.21; Lot 3, Block 1; Lots 3 <br />thru 5, Block 2; Lots 1 thru 4, Block 3, Fjeldheim 2nd; Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, <br />Knollview; Lot 2, Block 1, A1 Peterson Addition; Lots 2, 3, 6 thru 15, Prospct <br />HiL1s;-Lots 1 thru 6, Block 1; Lots 1 and 2, Block 2; Lots 1 thru 6, Block 3, <br />Prospect Hills 2nd; Lot 1, Block 1, Prospect Hills 3rd; Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, <br />Sbhey ' s Parkview 2nd. <br />BY ORDER OF THE VILLAGE COUNCIL <br />Florence B. Hallberg <br />Village Clerk <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was <br />on rollcall there were four ayes and no <br />Councilman Courtney and <br />ATTEST : Mayor <br />Village Clerk 6 <br />B. STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENT 103 SPECIAL ASSESSMENT LEVIED, (N.W. Corner of Edina - <br />TJest Minneapolis Heights as described in published "Notice of Assessment Hearing). <br />Mr, Hyde recalled that Council had reset hearing for this assessment due to an <br />incorrect description of the storm sewer district in the mailed and published <br />notices. <br />benefited properties which are proposed to be assessed at a higher rate, but had <br />made few adjustments in the extraordinarily specially benefited properties. <br />construction cost was given by bir. Hite at $221,447.11, $15,314.00 of which was <br />proposed to be assessed as extraordinary special benefit, <br />the proposed assessment was $0.03992 per square foot as against estimated assess- <br />ment of $0.045 per square foot. <br />years, with maximum lot size considered to be 18,000 square feet and any lots over <br />24,000 square feet calculated at one-half the rate on the excess footage. Mr. H. <br />M. Amdahl, 309 Griffit Street, advised that he hoped that Council would see fit: to <br />apply the previous assessment policy and assess this storm sewer on a square foot <br />Hearing. <br />requesting that the matter be tabled for further study. Mr. Hyde also advised that <br />letters protesting the method of the proposed assessment had been received from Mr. <br />G. 0. Falkenborg, 313 Griffit Street, and Mr. Joe Hlavka, 300 Van Buren Avenue. <br />Mayor Bredesen advised that because of the substantial increase in the values of <br />the extraordinarily specially benefited lots, he believes that the proposed method <br />of assessment is the honest and fair way to spread the assessment. Mr. E. M. <br />Carroll, 6221 Maloney Avenue, advised that because of a malfunction of the pump, <br />the pond'on his property is not maintained at a proper level and the value of his <br />property has, therefore, depreciated. In reply to a question of Mr. Richard Schulze, <br />6312 Waterman Avenue, Mr. Hite explained the three categories of extraordinary spec- <br />ial benefit. <br />structure on the property would be damaged by flooding. <br />properties in whdch a portion of the lot was subject to frequent flooding. Category <br />3 would normally be a neighborhood situation subject to frequent back yard flooding. <br />Category 2 is considered to be improved at one-half the rate of Category 1, and <br />Category 3 is considered to be improved at one-half of Category 2. <br />were determined on a basis of ''before and af.terl' dollar sales in three different <br />situations in the area. In reply to Mr. Schulze's question if this policy had <br />ever been used before in the Village, Mr. Hite advised that there has never been <br />&situation like this, since other areas were considered more uniform in benefit, <br />and thus the assessment was uniform, although that in many instances "back yard" <br />pipe extensions had been assessed separately against the adjacent lots. Mr. Hite <br />advised that one lot had increased $5,000 since the installation of the storm <br />sewer and pointed out that the decision as to the special benefit was a judgment <br />decision, made by trained assessors. Mr. Robert Kilian, 409 Jefferson Street, <br />advised that his lot is almost level in comparison with his neighbors' and ques- <br />tioned his assessment. Councilman Johnson noted that because Mr. Killan's lot <br />was filled, 403 and.405 Jefferson were subject to more flooding. <br />Mr, Kilian that his property should be in Category 3 rather than Category 2. <br />Kilian spoke also for Mr. Janis Lielkoka, 403 Jefferson, advising that Mr. Lielkoks <br />had a garden which was benefited by surface water and that he did not consider his <br />property benefited by the storm sewer. Mr. Hite recalled that this storm sewer had <br />been installed so homes in this area would not be flooded as they were in February, <br />1966, <br />involved are being extraordinarily specially assessed and that the rest of the area <br />will be assessed at only the uniform rate. <br />He noted further that Council had made an inspection of the specially <br />Total <br />Mr. Hyde advised that <br />Assessment is proposed to be spread over twenty <br />I basis without special benefit as they had been led to believe at the Improvement <br />Mr. Hyde read a letter from an attorney representing nine property owners, <br />He advised that Category 1 was assigned to properties on which a <br />Category 2 was assigned to <br />Dollar values <br />I <br />Mr. Hite advised <br />Mr. <br />He pointed out that it should be remembered that only'7% of the properties <br />Mr. Bruce Mathewson, 6308 Waterman