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18 1/20/69 <br />He suggested that a traffic count be made before the improvement is installed <br />and that another count be made after the street is completed. If there is a <br />substantial increase in traffic from outside the area, he would then recommend <br />some kind of barricade which could be put up so that only emergency vehicles <br />could enter the area at that point. <br />who refused to sign the petition have as much right to prbtectibn Is any other <br />residents of the Village. <br />de-sac in the Village and that cul-de-sacs are now limited to 700 feet because <br />of this very problem. <br />walking in the street if additional traffic should result. <br />said that after hearing arguments presented'by property owners, he would recom- <br />mend that a gate be installedif the traffic count proposed by Mayor Bredesen <br />indicates'a need. Councilman Johnson advised that he does not see why a gate <br />is needed in this area any more than in any other area and that he believes <br />that this would only set a precident in the Village. He further said that if <br />this improvement is necessary to get emergency vehicles into the area, then the <br />improvement should be authorized'inasnych as Council has an obligation for the <br />safety of all-residents. Mrs.. P. F. Pierce, 4804 Sunnyssde Road, said that it <br />is because of the extremely narrow road that traffic should be restricted and <br />questioned how it can be determined if the cars involved in the traffic count are <br />driven by an area resident or by people from other areas of the'metropolitan <br />district. Mayor Bredesen replied that if there is an appreciable difference <br />in the count, then someone would be stationed in the area to ask drivers the <br />destinations of the vehicles. Following considerable'discussion, Councilman <br />Shaw. I moved that the street be improved as proposed, with.the provision that, <br />because of the eighteen foot street width, a traffic count be taken in accord- <br />ance with Mayor Bredesen's suggestion, and if the traffic count of vehicles <br />from outside the Sunnyside area proves to be substantially in excess of the <br />traffic count taken before the improvement is constructed, that a gate be in- <br />stalled at the corner of Maclcey Avenue and W. 44th Street. Mr. Pierce urged <br />that the gate be installed before the road is opened and that a minimum im- <br />provement, without curb and gutter be installed, Mayor Bredesen assured the <br />group that results of traffic counts talcen,.first in April or May, and again in <br />August or September after the improvement has been completed, would be reported <br />back to a committee of neighbors. <br />closing €he street be referred to the Attorney General. <br />ensued, following which Councilman Shawls motion was seconded by Councilman <br />Courtney and the roll being called, votes were cast as follows: Councilman <br />Courtney, "aye"; Councilman Johnson, "nay", stating that he favors the street <br />improvement as okginally proposed as being necessary for the protection of <br />residents in the area, but that he opposes installation of the gate as being an <br />unsound method of traffic control, of questionable legality, creating an unhealthy <br />precident and because he does not believe the eighteen foot road to be a sound <br />reason for installing the gate; Councilman Shaw, "aye"; Councilman VanValkenburg, <br />"nay", stating that he favors the construction of the road as proposed but that <br />he does not want to be in the position of assuring residents that the road <br />will be closed if such action would be illegal. <br />man Courtney's motion that a legal opinion be rendered by the Village Attorney <br />as to blocking the road and that the matter be tabled for consideration to see <br />if the promise ielied'in the motion can be kept, was then seconded by Council- <br />man Shaw and carried. <br />they will receive notices of a new hearing. <br />Councilman Johnson noted that 'the six people <br />Mr. Hyde said that this is really the longest cul- <br />An unidentified lady mentioned the danger to children <br />Councilmari Shaw <br />. <br />. <br />Dr. Zahalka requested that the legality of <br />Additional discussion <br />The motion having lost, Council- <br />Residents were advised that when the-opinion is received, <br />PARNELL AVENUE STREET VACATION APPROVED. Affidavits of Notice were approved <br />as presented by Clerk and ordered placed on file. Mr. Hoisington presented the <br />request for vacation of a portion of Parnell Avenue lying north.of West 66th <br />Street, advising that Normandale Addition, Kreiser Replat,had been approved and <br />variances granted in reliance on the vacation of this portion of Parnbll Avenue. <br />Councilman VanValkenburg thereupon offered the 'following resolution as recommended <br />by the Staff and the Planning Commission .and moved its adoption: .I RESOLUTION VACATING A PORTION OF <br />WHEREA'S, 'two weeks' published, posted and mailed notice of a hearing to be held <br />on January 20, 1969, at 7:OO porn., on the proposed street vacation hereinafter <br />described has been given and made and a hearing has been held thereon by the <br />Village Council: <br />NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Village Council of the Village of Edina, <br />Hennepin County, Minnesota, that the following described portion of Parnell <br />Avenue, all as platted and of record in the office of the Register of Deeds in <br />and for Hennepin County, Minnesota, be and is hereby vacated effective February <br />PARNELL AVENUE <br />. <br />I