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13 <br />(a <br />do not want to sacrifice the rustic appearance of Interlachen Circle and asserted that <br />the Village has spent very little on street.maintenance. <br />Council inspect the street-which was installed ten years ago to see the excel- <br />lent condition it is in at the present time. Dr. M. I. Hewitt and Mr. M. R, <br />Guberud advised that they did not care particularly whether or not curbing is <br />installed but urged installation of watermain. Mr. Dunn noted that he feels <br />that curb and gutter are important especially for very flat streets or streets <br />with steep grades and that there is a ”grey area” in between. <br />out that lawnsin the area are torn up.each winter by snow plows. <br />Johnson moved, following considerable discussion, that the improvement be <br />authorized as recommended, there being good and sufficient reasons for installa- <br />tion of curb and gutter with the street surfacing. Motion was seconded by <br />Councilman VanValkenburg and carried carried, (See Resolution Ordering Improve- <br />ment later in Minutes.) Mayor Brcdesen noted that he had mted t’aye’’with con- <br />~ideE~~T~”~~T~era~~e~~~~~a~~~~h~~~~~~1~~~ SiaC. s&re‘efS -%TEhout curb and gutter are <br />more aesthetically pleasing, but tbat he is reasonably convinced that street <br />maintenance will be less because of the curb and gutter. <br />C. <br />Mr. Hyde presented total estimated construction cost at $37,592.49, proposed <br />to be assessed against an estimated assessable footage of 41198.83 feet at <br />an estimated cost of $7. 3 per assessable foot and advised that a petition had <br />Courtney’s motion authorizing the improvement was seconded by Councilman Johnson <br />and carried. <br />D. <br />They suggested that <br />It was pointed <br />Councilman <br />CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT STREET SURFACING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER IN <br />Arctic Way <br />been received for the improvement. s No objections being heard, Councilman <br />(See Resolution Ordering Improvement later in Minutes.) <br />CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT STREET SURFACING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER IN <br />THE FOLLOWING : <br />Crescent Drive from Benton Avenue to the North line of Lot 1, Block 2, <br />Edina Countryside extended <br />Mr. Hyde advised that a petition has been received for this improvement and <br />presented total estimated project cost at $5,858.06, proposed to be assessed <br />against an estimated 504.33 assessable feet at an estimated cost of $11.62 <br />per assessable foot. No objections were heard from the audience. <br />Resolution Ordering Improvement later in Minutes.) <br />E. <br />(See <br />CORSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT STREET SURFACING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER IN <br />THET FOLZWING : <br />VETgInia Avenue from West 60th Street to Valley View Road <br />Mr. Hyde presented total estimated construction cost at $11,878.06 for perman- <br />ent street surfacing and concrete curb and gutter, proposed to be assessed at <br />an estimated cost of $16476 per assessable foot. <br />surfacing without curb and gutter was given at $7,862.86, estimatcid.oost of <br />uhich wOu1P be=$ll.lQ:per assessable foot. Mr. Hyde noted that a petition for <br />street surfacing without curb and gutter had been submitted and that a letter <br />signed by liessrs. K. J. Sundquist and R. S.’MacDonald of W, 60th Street urging <br />the improvement as proposed because they believe that the present condition <br />of this street is a deterioration factor for the rest of the neighborhood and <br />also causes a dust problem. Nr. Frank Roth, 6005 Virginia, as advised that <br />the Village will take care of damage done to driveways and lawns when the <br />street is installed but that no major lawn repairs will be done. <br />noted that if the improvement is installed without curb and gutter, yards would <br />be blended to street level. In reply to a question from the audience, Mr. Dunn <br />presented.specifications for the type of construction to be wed, Nr. Roth <br />pointed out that the area has good drainage and that there is no reason for <br />curb and gutter. Mr. Warren Jones, 6009 Virginia Avenue, advised that he had <br />circulated the petition and that he felt that residents would rather have the <br />street repaired than to have curb and gutter installed. <br />discussion, Councilman VanValkenburg‘s motion authorizing improvement without <br />curb and gutter was seconded by Councilman Courtney. Councilman Johnson voted <br />“nay’l, stating that he felt that curb and gutter should be installed; however, <br />the motion cazried inasmuch as the improvement had been petitioned and only a <br />favorable 3/5 vote was needed to carry. (See Resolution Ordering Petition later <br />in Minutes .) <br />F. CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT STREET,SURFACING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER IN <br />Virginia Avenue from West 62nd Street b Crosstown Highway (County Road 62) <br />Mr. Hyde presented total estimated project cost at $20,118.24, proposed to be <br />assessed against 1,471.40 assessable feet at a cost.of $13.67 per estimqted <br />assessable foot. <br />requesting the improvement which was signed by eight property owners and that <br />a petition signed-by eight property owners opposing the -improvement had been <br />received on April 7, 1969. Mr. K. I?. Bremer, 6209 Virginia Avenue and Mr. <br />Donald C. McDonald, 6217 Virginia Avenue, advised that they had signed both <br />petitions but that they now want to urge that the improvement be installed as <br />proposed. Mr. Bremer added that the need for curb and gutter has been demon- <br />strated since the street was torn up for sewer connections on the east side of <br />1- <br />Total cost of permanent street <br />Mayor Bredesen <br />Following considerable <br />I <br />He advised that a petition had been submitted in June, 1968,