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J <br />7/7/69 <br />"4. Restriction On Permitted Uses. No parking ramp or any part <br />thereof may be located less than 50 feet from the boundary of any district estab- <br />lished by sections 3, 4, and 5 of Ordinance No. 261. All parking lots, ramps <br />and facilities shall be surfaced and maintained with a hard, all weather, dust <br />free surfacing material. <br />and constructed in accordance with the standards for stripping, screening, set- <br />backs, length and width of stalls and isle widths, established for the zoning <br />district for which the parking is to be provided." <br />All parking lots, ramps and facilities shall be designed <br />Section 2. Ordinance No. 261, Section 5, paragraph 2, is repealed. <br />Section 3. This ordinance is in full force and effect immediately upon <br />its passage and publication. <br />ORDINANCE NO. 261-187 ADOPTED AT SECOND READING. Mr. Hoisington presented <br />Ordinance No. 261-187 for Second Reading, noting that no changes had been made <br />since the First Reading on June 16, 1969. Councilman VanValkenburg offered <br />Ordinance No. 261-187 for Second Reading and moved its adoption as follows: <br />ORDINANCE NO. 261-187 <br />THE VILLAGE OF EDINA BY ESTABLISHING <br />AN ORDINANCE AWNDING THE ZONING ORDINANCE OF <br />AN ADDITIONAL PLANNED INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT <br />THE VILLAGE COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA, MINNESOTA,ORDAINS: <br />Section 10 (Planned Industrial District) of Ordinance No. 261 of revised ordinances <br />of the Village of Edina, as amended, is hereby further amended by adding after . <br />subparagraph (bb) of said paragraph 2, the following subparagraph: <br />Section 1. Paragraph 2. Boundaries of Planned Industrial District of <br />Planned Industrial District: <br />"(cc) Lot 7, 8, 9, and 10, Block 3, Grand View Heights Addition" <br />Section 2. This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect immed- <br />iately after its passage and publication according to law. <br />Motion for adoption of the ordinance was seconded by Cou <br />call there were five ayes and no nays and the ordinan <br />'lman Shaw and on roll- .Bd;$&* <br />ATT T: &md&L Mayor <br />McPHERSON ADDITION GRANTED PRELIMINARY PLAT APPROVAL. Affidavits of Notice were <br />presented by the Deputy Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />Mr. Hoisington recalled the location of this lot being at the corner of Amy <br />Drive and Olinger Road. <br />to be levied against three potential lots. <br />divided but now they wish to have it divided and the restrictions proposed against <br />the property are in the process of being lifted. <br />recommend approval of the preliminary plat. <br />asked which direction the lots will be facing and Mr. Hoisington replied that one <br />lot will face westerly, on Olinger Road and the other two lots wills face Amy Dr. <br />Mr. Burt Nygaard, attorney for the McPhersons,further informed the Council of the <br />advantages to the Village if approval was granted. Councilman Shaw offered the <br />following resolution granting preliminary plat approval, to McPherson . Addition <br />as recommended by the Planning Commission and Staff and moved its adoption as <br />follows : <br />Deputy Village Clerk <br />This is a large lot to which an assessment was proposed <br />The owner wished not to have the lot <br />Planning Commission and staff <br />Mr. Tonu Lang, 5816 Olinger Road <br />RESOLUTION APPROVING <br />PRELIMINARY PLAT OF McPHERSON ADDITION <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, that <br />that certain plat entitled "McPherson Addition", platted by Mathew McPherson and <br />Bonnie McPherson, husband and wife, and presented at the Meeting of the Village <br />Council of July 7, 1969, be and is hereby granted preliminary approval. <br />Notion for adoption of the resolution was secon <br />rollcall there were five ayes and no nays and resolut . <br />&LzYe- <br />'Deputy Village Clerk <br />C