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8/18/69 <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON PROPOSED 'ASSESSMENTS. <br />Assessment Hearings had been continugd from August 4,.1969, for Alley Improve- <br />ment A-166, Sanitary Sewers 257 and 2,7& Watermains 218 and 230. Public Hearing <br />was thereupon continued and action taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />ALLEY IMPROVEESENT NO. A-166 SPECIAL ASSESSMENT HEARING CONTINUED. (Alley <br />betweenHalifax Avenue and Minnehaha Blvd. from West 52nd Street to 461.47 <br />El$; Hyde recalled that <br />feet South) <br />1969, it was proposed to assess the alley at $2.87 per foot. <br />was authorized, Nr. Chesley Carlson had offered to pay 20% of the project if <br />'e'ach of the other two abutting owners who use the alley for garage entrances <br />would do likewise. An inspection of the all indicates that the George Kitchen <br />property at 5221 Minnehaha Blvd.,-the Chesley Carlson property at 5225 Minne- <br />haha Blvd., and the 0, J. Trainor property at 5212 Halifax Avenue are the <br />only three properties using the alley for garage entrance. <br />perties apparently get garbage pickup service from the alley. <br />the Trainors have not indicated that they would pay any more than the proposed <br />$2.87 assessment proposed. <br />son property at 20% of the total cost ($493.30), with the remaining properties <br />dividing the balance at $2.46 per assessable foot, or a total cost of $150.20, <br />against the original proposal of, $175,93 per lot, Mrs. 0. J. Trainor said that <br />there are actually four garages on the alley, one belonging to Carl ElGing <br />at 5216 Halifax Avenue. <br />the time but that the.Trainors do not use their garage very often. <br />also stated that the alley had been widened by the property at 5217 Minnehaha <br />Blvd., owned by George C, Pitzer, at Mr. Pitzer's request, and iqquired if this <br />additional cost was included in the.amount proposed to be assessed. Mr. Hyde <br />said that the minutes of the improvement hearing indicated a request by Mr, <br />Pitzer that the ailey be.widened but that his request had not been approved. <br />Councilman Courtney's motion was then seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried <br />that the hearing be continued to September 8, 1969, so that the cost of the <br />widened alley be investigated as recommended by Mayor Bredesen. <br />Mr. Hyde recalled that at the assessment hearing of-August 4, <br />When the project <br />I' Four otherpro- <br />The Kitchens and <br />Mr. Hyde recommended assessment of the Chesley Carl- <br />She added that.the Elvings use their ggrage a11 of <br />Mrs. Trainor <br />z <br />SANITARY SEFJER NO. 257 SPECIAL ASSESSMENT LEVIED. WATERMAIN NO. 218 SPECIAL <br />ASSESSMENT LEVIED. (Sanitary Sewer 257 - Valley View Road from existing trunk <br />sewer near Braemar Park to Gleason Road, Dakota Trail, Cheyenne Trail, <br />Cheyenne Circle, Blackfoot Pass, Indian Hills Pass, Cherokee Trail from <br />Indian Hills Pass to Navaho Trail, Indian Hills Road from existing trunk sewer <br />300' west of Arrowhead Pass to Cherokee Trail, Arrowhead Pass, Indian Hills <br />Circle, Mohawk Trail, Iroquois Circle from Mohawk Trail to 400' south, Shawnee <br />Circle) (Watermain No. 258:- Valley View Road from Gleason Road to Proposed <br />Mark Terrace Drive 1000' South of Dakota Trail, Dakota Trail, Cheyenne Trail, <br />Cheyenne Circle, Blackfoot Pass, I_nd!an Hills Road from 300' West of Arrowhead <br />Pass to Indian Hills Pass, Indian Hills Road from Navaho Trail to Cherokee <br />Trail, Arrowhead Pass, Indian HiIJs Circle, Mohawk Trail, Iroquois Circle <br />from Hohawk Trail to 150' South, Shawnee Circle) These two improvements affect- <br />ing virtually the same properties, public hearings as continued from August 4, <br />1969, were conducted simultaniously. <br />cost for Sanitary Sewer No. 257 was given at $432,111.68, proposed to be <br />assessed against 142 connections at $3,043.04 per connection as against esti- <br />mated assessment per connection of $2,700.56. Watermain 218 total assessable <br />cost was given at $187,420.20, proposed to be assessed against 132 connections <br />at $1,419.85 per connection as agqins.t estimated assessment of $1,094.51. Mr. <br />Hyde recalled further that the hearings had been continued so that Councilman <br />VanValkenburg could review the ve2batim minutes of the improvement hearing to <br />see the intent of the resolution auFhorizing the improvements,relative to the <br />Valley View Road properties" assessments .. <br />Valley View Road properties in question could have been served with the Mark <br />Terrace Drive improvements at a lower cost without going through the lift <br />station, but that the addition of these properties to the Mark Terrace Drive <br />improvements would have.increased the assessable cost of these improvements had <br />they been authorized. <br />been installed independently for the Valley View Road properties, the cost wouLd <br />have been substantially higher than the present proposed assessment. Mr. Jack <br />.Hallberg, 6308.Indian Hills Road, protested. the inclusion of his area in these <br />improvements. Mr. James Bloom, 6825 Valley 'View Road, questioned Councilman <br />Valkenburg's comments which were made at the improvement hearing relative to <br />giving special asiiessment rates to the Valley View Roadproperties. <br />VanValkenburg replied that he had only said that Councif.f?ould <br />differences of various areas to a degree and that-it is this consideration <br />that is now being discussed. <br />very difficult to figure the exact cost of each area of the project and pointed <br />out that if these two areas were given special consideration, other areas in the <br />Mr. Hyde recalled that total construction <br />Mr. Hyde explained that the four <br />Mayor Bredesen remarked that if the improvements had <br />Councilman <br />to recognize <br />Mr. Hyde advised that at this'point it would be <br />I.