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-2 2.8 9/29/69 ' PROTECTION OF PERSONS AND PROPERTY <br />Police <br />Fire <br />Civilian Defense <br />Public Health <br />Animal Control <br />Inspect ion <br />TOTAL PROTECTION OF PERSONS <br />AND PROPERTY <br />NON-DEPARTMENTAL EXPENDITURES <br />Oontgngencies <br />Settlement of Suits <br />Special Assessments on Village Property <br />Unallocated Capital Outlay <br />Capital Improvements <br />Human Rights Commission <br />TOTAL MISCELLANEOUS AND <br />CONTINGENCIES <br />TOTAL GENERAL FUND <br />PARK FUND <br />Administration' <br />Recreation <br />Maintenance <br />Capital Outlay <br />TOTAL PARK FUND <br />$6 12 342 <br />264,372 <br />4,085 <br />28,567 <br />15 600 <br />54,247 <br />979,213 <br />$ 15,000 <br />500 <br />50,000 <br />50,845 <br />85,000 <br />9,000 <br />210,345 <br />$2,410,593 <br />$ 82,985 <br />56,155 <br />119,510 <br />16,800 <br />$ 275,450 <br />Section 2. <br />as hereinafter set forth: <br />GENERAL FUND <br />Estimated Receipts other than General Tax Levy are hereby established <br />Village share - State Liquor and Cigarette Taxes $132,004 <br />Municipal Court Fines . . 47,500 <br />Departmental Services Charges 179,911 <br />Other 72 , 450 <br />Transfer from Liquor Fund 18 , 389 <br />State Apportionments - Sales Tax 296,079 <br />Library Rent - Hennepin County 47,070 <br />Licenses and Permits 110,900 <br />I <br />TOTAL GENERAL FUND $ 904,303 <br />PARK FUND <br />Registration Fees $ 27,000 <br />Other 750 . <br />Transfer from General Fund 126,611 <br />TOTAL PARK FUND 154,361 <br />PARK CONSTRUCTION FUND <br />Transfer from General! Fund 80,000 <br />TOTAL ESTIMATED REC.EIPTS $1,138 , 664 Section 3. That there be and hereby is levied upon all taxabmd <br />personal property in the Village of Edina, a tax rate sufficient to produce <br />the amounts hereinafter-set forth: <br />For <br />For, <br />For <br />For <br />For <br />For <br />the General Fund <br />the Park Fund <br />the Poor Fund <br />the Firemen's Relief <br />Fire Protection <br />$1,506,290 <br />121,090 <br />13,980 <br />6,000 <br />.16,900 <br />Bonds and Interest 64,500 <br />$1,728,759 <br />Section 4. This ordinance shall be in effect from and after its adoption <br />and publication according to law <br />Notion for adoption of the ordinance was seconded by Councilman Johnson and <br />onxroll&all there were five ayes and no A;he nays <br />adopted, with waiver of Second Reading. <br />ATTEST : ; <br />Mayo r L A. ho, <br />Village Clerk <br />STREET IT!PROVEbIENT BA-120 REASSESSED. <br />by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />notice given, Public Assessment Hearing was conducted and action taken as <br />hereinafter recorded. Mr. Hyde recalled that following the assessment on <br />September 8, 1969, the question had been raised as to the legality of <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented <br />Pursuant to due