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w <br />0 <br />'I <br />January 16, 1970 <br />11 <br />1ro. John X. Yarger <br />6020 Arbour Avenue <br />Edina, Xitznasota 55436 <br />Rat Moen Froperty <br />village of'Edina. <br />4801 WEST FIFTIETH STREET • EDINA 24, MINNESOTA <br />WALNUT 7.8861 <br />Ycur threa latters. aWking many pertinent questions about the L.M Lake. Park Project <br />have received considerable attention from the mexibers of the Village Council and <br />of the Fzrk Bonrd as well as from administrative officials. While you have~ not, <br />until nozz, received a direct t-mitten anst-yer, many of your questions were considered <br />at the joint meeting of the Council, Park Board and Planning Cwqmission on <br />Nave mbsr 24, 1969. Your questions were also considered in praparing the Jaauary 1, <br />1970 Village New-sletter, and specifically In the two articles on 'Tlanzing for <br />Final Decade of Gvv,-?th1v, and "Hud T.Anke Land Acquisition" on the front page. she <br />Lazz three parzgraphs in the article, "S.E. Edina Development" also walzzlte to <br />oeveral of your quections. Copies of the Newsletter vre-re sent to a7eLnj homy in <br />Edina an &-aaembea 31, 1969. We will begin with your letter of klcvc:nber 26, 19,59. <br />avestion 1: Didn't our Village Council. consider that their <br />cons titue-nts might possibly be interested 1r, this particular rezoning, siric3 M--U'.Y <br />oZ 'the re-oldents has' made inquiry at the Village Hull PRI-011 to pur4hasing or bulldinr, <br />hares in Chis area and had received assurance that all of the Londevelorsed land in <br />question "as to be used for the Hud Lake Park Project? Nhy wasn't sufficient official <br />notice gkir"n to the residents In advance of the r-a-ating? Even though most 09 tha <br />Jaft-- Placa and Olinger Blvd.. hares were outside the 500-foot "Iegal limit", *couldn't <br />Good public reletl"ons and advance information have avoided much of the resenwont <br />by hcrxnaonars who Zelt they were being duped? <br />Ansver., Perhaps -we ware remiss in not having hold an informal meeting prior <br />to tha Ix 3 Council meeting. <br />Sufficient notice, according io law, was sent to area residents a minimun of 10 <br />day: prior to the public hearing. 11ere has never been any attempt to be eacretive <br />or dece-ptiva In the Olsen matter. <br />Ko one person can ever guarantee that a proposed public project will be cazr1Gd <br />Zozuard to complet-ion. -11111ava employees can only indicate the plaus that are in <br />the works. <br />uestion 2: Hot; much has the Village of Edina spent in acquiring there 150 <br />acres to date, and how were they paid for? <br />