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have an opportunity to <br />expense'who would make <br />6/1/70 <br />hire an independent professional engineer at their own <br />a survey of a representative sample of curb and gutter <br />and that if there is any serious discrepancy, repair <br />the Village, similar to orders for sidewalk repairs. <br />Councilman Courtney and carried. <br />B. CONSTRUCTION OF BE-ENT STREET IHPROVEMENT AND <br />IN THE FOLLOWING (P-BA-153): <br />Gleason Road from Crosstown Highway (C.R. 62) to <br />I work could be ordered-by <br />Motion was seconded by <br />CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER <br />Vernon Avenue (C.R. 158) <br />Mr. Hyde advised thatthis propo.sed improvement is a continuation of the upgrading <br />of the Village Municipal State Aid System and that this $soject:-was. fnitria&Ey ~ <br />pa;gpo&d.,to be included in the same contract with the Grandview-Vernon Avenue State <br />Turnback project which is being delayed due to a lack of State Turnback funds. <br />Because of this dalay and a need to maintain access and traffic flow during the <br />Grandview - Vernon Avenue construction, approval of this project is being requested. <br />He presented estimated cost of the improvement at $286,522.25, including a 44 foot <br />asphaltic concrete pavement and portland cement concrete curb and gutter, constructed <br />to State Aid Standards. <br />benefitted abutting residential property for the cost of a regular 30 foot <br />wide residential street with the costs of extra width.and base and pavement <br />depth paid from Village's Btate Aid allocation. On this basis, State Aid <br />would pay $256,595-21 of the estimated cost and the balance of $31,206.96 is <br />proposed to be assessed against abutting property at an estimated rate of <br />$12.00 per foot of assessable street frontage. <br />asskssing the cost of this type improvement is to assess .it on the basis of a <br />property's frontage along the street with the frontage along the side of a <br />corner lot divided by three to determine the assessable footage along those <br />streets. Mr. Karl Krahl, 6100 Arctic Way, was told that property that he don- <br />ated to the Village would not be assessed for this improvement. <br />F. Donnelly, 5205 Lochloy Drive expressed general opposition to the improve- <br />ment, particularly in view of the additional traffic and speed of traffic which <br />she believes will be forthcoming. No further discussion.ensued, whereupon <br />Councilman Johnson's motion authorizing the' improvement was seconded by Council- <br />man Courtney and carrield. (See Resolution Authorizing Improvement later in <br />C.. CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT STREET IMPROVEMENT AND CONCRETE CUKB-ANI) GUTTER <br />Village policy on State Aid improvements is to assess <br />The Village's normal policy in <br />Mrs. Charles <br />Minutes .) ~- <br />IN THE FOLLOWING (P-BA-172 originally advertised as P-BA-171) : <br />Gleason Road from Schey Drive to Loch Moor Drive. Mr. Hyde presented total <br />estimated project cost at $60,103.65, proposed to be assessed against 2,769.05 <br />feet at $12.00 per assessable feet, <br />a continuation of the upgrading of the Municipal State Aid system of the Vil- <br />lage and that its approval 'and construction will complete the Gleason Road <br />segment from Crosstown Highway to Dewey Hill Road. <br />$26,875-05 of the estimated cost and the balance of $33,228.60 is proposed to <br />be assessed against abutting properties. <br />requested that GZIeason Road be resfbred to at least one-half of the original <br />grade and presented awo petitions requesting that the grade of the unfinished <br />road be re-established to better conform to the natural contours of the area, <br />*Mr. John W. Lacey, R141 Gleason Road, showed showed slides showing the terrain <br />lsefore;the road was built and again after the sanitary sewer was Cnstalled. , <br />Mr. hnn explained that the grade was established in 1967 with manholes built <br />for this grade for the sanitary sewer and also noted that the storm sewel in <br />the area was designed to go further to the north to pick up drainage, <br />to a question of Councilman Johnson, Mr. hnn said that the grade could be <br />raised but that the watermain would then have to be raised and that it would <br />diwert water so that the storm sewer system would not be adequate.' In reply <br />to a question from an unidentified gentleman in the audience, Nr. Dunn said <br />that it would not be prudent to take a chance on raising the grade of the road <br />as requested and leaving the watermain at its present level since Ft would be <br />very expensive to repafr in case of a break in the pipe. Following consider- <br />able discussion, Councilman Johnson's motion continuing the matter for two weeks <br />so that the engineers would have an opportunity to study the matter was seconded <br />by Councilman VanValkenburg and carried. <br />D. CONSTRUCTION OF GRADING AND GRAVELING IMPROVEMENT (P-C-108) IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />He added that this proposed project is <br />State Aid would pay <br />Mr. R. L. Lillestrand, 7104 Down Road, <br />' <br />In reply. <br />Proposed road on West side of Our Lady of Grace Parlcing Lot from Eden Avenue <br />to 8661 South <br />Recalling that a petition had been received for this improvement dated December <br />30, 1968, Mr. Hyde presented total estimated cost at $28,321.03, proposed to <br />be assessed against 1658.5 issessable feet at $17.08 being 'the estimated cost <br />per assessable foot. Mr. Hyde advised Elr. Balfanz that this would not be an <br />open thoroughfare, and that he would propose to put up some sort of protection <br />so that this would not occur. No further discussion was heard, wereupon <br />Councilman Johnson offered the following resolution-and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING IMPROVEMENTS <br />GRADING & GRAVELING IMPROVEMENT C-108 <br />STREET IMPROVEMENT AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER NO. BA-153