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numerous young people in the Village is greatly ahpreciated by the Village Council, <br />by the Park Board and by the community as a whole; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Edina Village Council that sincere and <br />heartfelt thanks and greatful appreciation be herewith extended to Dr. and Mrs. <br />Frederick F. Wipperman for their generosity in establishing the Brian Wipper- <br />man Memorial Gun Safety Fund for Edina's youth; and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be spread upon the pages of the <br />Miputes of the Edina Village Council. <br />. RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION <br />WHEREAS,.the Edina Optimists have generously agreed to.dbnate $5,000 over a <br />period of ten years toward the Brian Wipperman Nemorial Gun Safety Range; and <br />WHEREAS, this generous contribution will be added to the Brian Wipperman <br />Memorial Gun Safety Fund to bring safety instructioq-to numerous young people <br />in the Village of Edina in the use of firearms; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE 1T.RESOLVED by the Edina VillageCouncil that the E$iha:.~: <br />Optimists be extended the sincere gratitude of ,the Edina Village Council, of <br />the Park Board and of the community as a whole for this generous contribution <br />in promoting gun safety and healthful recreation in thi! Village of Edina, <br />Motion- for adoption of the resolutions was 'seconded by Councilman Shaw:.&d.:*s <br />carried. <br />SANITARY SEWER 292 AI4D lJATERMAIN'258 AWARD OF BIDS CONTINUED. <br />by Mr. Hyde, Councilman'Courtney's motion continuing award of bids until <br />clearance has been received from the State Highway Department was seconded <br />by Cpuncilman Shaw and carried. <br />* <br />As recommended <br />CONTRACT LET FORVARIOUS IMPROVEMENTS. <br />received for-Street Improvements BA-164 and A-170 (Proposa1.A and B) and for <br />Paving Improvement No. E-25 and Concrete Replacement throughout the Village <br />(Proposal C and D). Tabulation for proposal A and B. showed Natt Bullock <br />Contracting Co., Inc,, low bidder at $28,731.10, Black Top Service Co., at <br />$29,230160, Bury and Carlson, Inc., $29,328.05, Arnold Beckman, Inc., <br />$36,305.79. <br />low bidder at $22,432.31 and Matt Bullock $30,943.75 with Victor Carlson & <br />Sons, Inc., at $34,987.75. <br />given at $30,348.00 and for Proposal C and D at $26,710.75. <br />Courtney's motion was seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried awarding to <br />recommended low bidder in both cases, and accepting the original bid rather <br />than the alternate bid for proposal C and D. <br />APPEAL FROM ASSESSMENT OF BA-134 NOTED. Mr. Hyde noted the appeal from assess- <br />ment of Mr. R. G. Soderberg fg Street Improvement BA-134, noting that the <br />matter has'been referred to the Village Attorney. <br />PARBURY PROPERTY COMMITMENT BECEIVED FROM FIRST EDINA .NATIONAL BANK. Mayor <br />Bredesen noted receipt of a leeter from Mr. Warren R. Hinze of the First <br />Edina National Bank officially confirming the commitment of the bank in its <br />of fer 0.5 ~~ehEagbu~;p~~peZ~~~-~n~exChange for the library site a5 recommended <br />kg the Gouncil Meeting held on August 3, 1970. Discussion ensued as to the <br />condition of the building on the Parbury property. Mr. Hyde said that some <br />changes would have to be made and that it would not be an active playground <br />type of park. <br />recommendation but that individual members were very much in favor of the <br />exchange. <br />withdrawal of the Wemeier's signatures was responded to by Mr. Erickson who <br />said that the Village had denied any elements- of duress-and misrepresentation <br />and that he was of the opinion that the release could not be withdrawn. <br />Councilman Johnson was told by Mr. Erickson that if the property should either <br />be sold or exchanged that the Village would have to produce good title in <br />eith-er event. Councilman Courtney then moved that the offer of the First <br />Edina National Bank be accepted and that an exchange agreement between the <br />two properties be authorized, Motion-was seconded by Councilman Shaw and <br />carried. unanimously. <br />HAROLD HARGROVE 1ST ADDITION GRANTED FINAL hPROVAL, <br />sented Harold Hargrove 1st Addition for final plat approval as recommended <br />by the Planning Commission, <br />ing resolution and.moved its adoption: <br />Mr, Hyde presented tabulation of bids <br />Tabulation for Proposal C and D showed Arnold Beckman, Inc., <br />Engineer's estimate for Proposal A and B was <br />Councilman <br />No action was taken, <br />He added that the Park Board had not met formally'to make a <br />Councilman Shawls question on the legal implication of the requested <br />Mr. Hoisington pre- <br />Councilman Johnson thereupon offered the follow- <br />RESOLUTION APPROVILNG'FINAL PLAT OF <br />HAROLD HARGROVE 1ST ADDITION <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota,, that <br />that certain. plat entitled "Harold Hargrove 1st Addition'', platted by Harold