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3/1/71 <br />I <br />! i <br />i <br />OBJECTION TO ZONING CHANGE FOR HALLA PROPERTY REFERRED TO PLANNING COMMISSION. 1 <br />The letter of Mr. and Mrs. Pierce V-. S. Smith, objectin to any change in the present zoning status of the Halla property was referreg to the Pla nin mission by motion of Councilman Courtney, seconded by Councilman Jol?nso# :I%?- <br />carried. - <br />NEW HOPE HOMESTATI EXEMPTION RESOLUTION APPROVAL TABLED. <br />to the Elimination of the Homestead Exemption from Property Tax Laws of the <br />State of Minnesota" which was sent to Council by the Village of New Hope <br />was tabled by motion of Councilman VanValkenburg, seconded by Councilman <br />Johnson and carried. <br />"Resolution Objecting <br />J <br />WARDEN AVENUE STREET SURFACING PETITION RECEIVED. <br />referrkg the petition for Permanent Street Surfacing and Curb for Warden <br />Avenue between Tracy Avenue and Hawkes Lake to the Engineering Department for <br />processing was seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried. <br />Councilman Johnson's motion <br />HENNEPIN COUNTY SERVICE CENTER DISCUSSION CONTINUED. <br />letter from the Board of Hennepin County Commissioners which referred to a <br />'County Service Center" <br />tion of Councilman Courtney was seconded by Councilman Johnson and carried <br />that the matter be continued for further consideration. <br />Mr. Hyde referred to a <br />which is being considered by the Commissioners. Mot- <br />NINE MILE NORTH ADDITION PLAT APPROVAL RESCINDED. As recommended by Mr. West, <br />Councilman Shaw' offered the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />' RESOLUTION <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Edina Village Council that the resolution granting <br />final plat approval to Nine Mile North Addition which was adopted on December <br />21, 1970, and amended on February 1, 1971, now be rescinded. <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by Councilman Courtney and <br />on rollcall there were.five ayes and no nays and the resolution was adopted. <br />LOCAL WOE 49 NAGE SETTLEMENT REACHED. Mr. Hyde advised Council that agreement <br />had been reached with Local 49, IUOE by the Metropolitan Area Managers' Associ- <br />ation, subject to approval by approval by the-individual municipal councils, <br />whereupon Councilman VanValkenburg offered the following resolution and'moved <br />its adoption: <br />BE IT RESOLVED that the maximum salaries and wages for Public Works employees <br />for the year 1971 be established as follows, setting a pattern for 1972 by stipula- <br />ting cost of living or $50.00 monthly +bCrease: <br />RE SOLUTION <br />1970 197 1 <br />2ER ElONTH PER MONTH <br />Parkkeeper I11 778 838 <br />Parkkeeper I1 708 768 <br />Parkkeeper I 638 695 <br />Foreman 900 975 <br />Heavy Equipment Operator 778 838 . <br />Light Equipment Operator 708 . 768 <br />Maintenance Elan 638 695 <br />Mechanic 798 860 <br />Mechanic Helper 708 768 <br />Janitor 650 708 <br />Sewer-Water Utility 708 768 <br />NotLon for adoption of the resolution &as seconded by Councilman Shaw and on <br />rollcall there were five ayes and no nays and the resolution was adopted. <br />FEDERAL REVENUE SHARING DISCUSSION CONTINUED to March 15, 1971, by motion of <br />Councilman Courtney, seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />BOARD AND COMMISSION MEMBERS APPOINTED. As recommended by Mayor Bredeseu, <br />Councilman -Johnstfn's* <br />seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried: <br />Planning Commission: <br />S. Hoyt, Jr., representing the School Board <br />Park Board: Messrs. Cugler C. Adams, ViIliam-Ramsqy <br />Board of Appeals: Messrs. Rixe, Runyan, VanValkenburg and Tupa (alternate) <br />Building Construction Codes Commission: Messrs. Quint Collins and'Eugene <br />Palmer (alternate) <br />' ~ motion confirming the fpllowing appointments was <br />Ekssrs. Samuel Hughes, Clifford C. Johnson and Dr. John <br />FIRE DEPARTMENT ANNUAL RJ3PORT was presented and accepted by motion of Council- <br />man VanValkenburg, seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried. <br />POLICE DEPARTMENT .ANNUAL REPORT was accepted by motion of Councilman Courtney, <br />seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. \