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5/17/71 <br />;'a. that street, <br />gent on the grounds that it was an unnecessary expense. fr6m Mr. David S. Patten, 4617 'Nest Woodland Road, and Mr. James Jundt, 7021 <br />Lanham Lane, on the proposal to pay half of the cost of the improvement from <br />General Funds. They were told that some time ago Council had established a <br />policy whereby one-half of all replacement costs would be paid from General <br />Funds. Mr. Hyde said that this is the first real repair with which the com- <br />munity had been faced. He added that property values in the entire Village <br />drop when curbings; streets and sidewalks fall into disrepair and €or.this <br />reason it is felt that payment of a portion of the cost of repairs from General <br />Funds is justified. Councilman Johnson stated for the record that he had <br />initially opposed the policy of using General Funds for repairs and that the <br />property owner should pay the entire cost of any improvement to his property. <br />Mr. Frank Thorpe, 4613 Edina Blvd., suggested the possibility of contacting <br />Rockville Center, New York, to see how they replaced sections of curb and <br />gutter without injuring ttees. <br />were Mr.'Wm, $1. Steinke, 4520 Browndale Ave., Mrs. M. C. Hurr, 4603 Browndale - <br />Ave., and three unidentified gentlemen. <br />Ave., said that Council should be guided by the tacid approval of the many <br />property owners who did not attend the meeting. Mr. Hyde noted receipt of' <br />petitions from owners of property in the 4600 block of Bruce Avenue and the <br />even side of Sunnyside Road between 4306 and 4506 which reflected a variety <br />of opinions as to action desired. Letters from Mrs. H. C. Utley, 4604 Brown- <br />dale Avenue, J. A. Huny, 4306 Sunnyside Road and NrG Lee Potter objecting to <br />-the improvement .were'.noted as were lettlers favoring the improvement from <br />Miss Mercedes Mackall, 4910 Arden Avenue and Nr. Allan G. Odell, 4903 Bruce <br />Avenue. Mrs. Robert Henson, 4509 Browndale Avenu?, mas told that the treat- . <br />ment of the wall in front of her house would have to be worked out. Mr. <br />Charles J. Trudeau, 4512 Casco Avenue, said that his house has had two sewer <br />back-ups in the past three years and questioned replacement of sanitary <br />sewers in the area. Mr. Dunn said that, with proper maintenance, sewers in <br />the area should last indefinitely. <br />but that the Village maintains a fairly constant cleaning of the sewers but <br />that'there are some isolated areas that do have problems. <br />there is sometimes a problem with s&Om water in the area. <br />Valkenburg, in view of the recommendation of the horticulturist that nothing <br />be done until 1972 so that Wooddale Avenue trees can be observed, moved that <br />the project be denied and not brought back until 1972, tfiat Rockville Center, <br />New York,be contacted for information on its curbqreplacement, and that if <br />the matter is to be brought to hearing in 1972 it be done early enough so <br />that work could be done in 1972. <br />and cartied. <br />B, ' CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT STREET SURFACING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER <br />IN THE FOUOWING (P-BA-185): <br />VZS%&y View Road from Rosemary Lane to West 66th Street; and <br />CONSTEUC3XON OF SIDEZEiXLK IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />East side of Valley View Road from West 66th Street to West 68th Street <br />Kr. Lee Potter, 4610 Browndale Avenue, objected to the improve- - <br />Objections were heard <br />Others objecting to the proposed improvement <br />Mr. Paul A. Laederach, 4633 Bruce .. <br />Mr; Hyde added that the sewers are small <br />Mr. Dunn said that <br />SIouncilman Van <br />Motion was seconded by Councilman Courtney <br />Mr. Hyde presented estimated project cost at $235,022.31, $39,952.92 of which <br />is proposed to be assessed against 3,329.41 assessable feet at $12.00 per <br />assessable foot, with the estimated balance of $195,069.39 proposed to be <br />paid from State Aid Funds, and noting further that back lots are proposed to <br />be assessed for one-third of their footage. Mr. R. F. Trocchi, 5900 Chapel <br />Drive, was assured that houses backing to Valley View Road would be assessed <br />for one-third of their footage. Mr. C. H. Morrison, 5712 Grace Terrace ob- <br />jected to the proposed iirrprovement 09 the grounds that the cost is too high <br />and that there is no reason for the. sidewalk. He was told by Mr. Dunn that <br />the Traffic Safety Committee had made this recommendation because school <br />children will be walking to school along Valley View Road. In reply to a <br />question from the audience, Mr. Dunn said that ik.iZ'progosed1 tha&'tfie;Vkllage <br />niIlplhtJ the sidewalk and that the cost will be paid by State Aid #Funds, Mr. <br />W. C. Kelly, 5801 Creek Valley Road, said that he objected to the sidewalk <br />because he was afraid he would lose some df hi& trees. <br />ing the school bus schedule so that children would not have to aalk along <br />Valley View Road to go to and from school. <br />View Road, urged that the sidewalk be constructed on the West side-ff Valley <br />Jay Diebola was told that-the reason that this proj$ct was proposed at this <br />time is because of the construction of the new high school and that the cost <br />of construction of a service road parallel to the Crosstown Highway between <br />Gleason Road and Tracy Avenue would be very high. Mr. Robert Johnson, 5809 <br />Creek Valley Road, was told that there is no anticipation of speed limit on <br />Valley View Road and that the curbing should prevent cars from going into his <br />yard. <br />Road had never been assessed for street improvement before. <br />I- He suggested expand- <br />f4r. R. J. Howells, 6725 Valley <br />.View Road so that children would only have to cross the street once. Mr, <br />An unidentified gentleman was told by Mayor Bredesen that Valley. View:-. <br />Mr. Douglas