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711917 1 <br />MINNEAPOLIS GOSPEL TABERNACLE REQUEST CONTINUED TO AUGUST 2 . Mr. Hyde <br />reported the Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle requests an area in Oscar <br />Robert's First Addition south from 72nd Street which is zoned R-1 and R-2 <br />which has Bristol Circle and Heatherton Circle be vacated so they may build <br />a church on it. <br />1, Oscar Robert's First Addition. <br />Tabernacle officials were in to see him and he felt he did not have the <br />authority to withhold the installation of sewer and water for which Mr. AbTah <br />is under bond to us and is going ahead on. <br />sewer and water laterals are in both places and they are ready to go on curb <br />and gutter. Councilman Johnson questioned who owns the property and Mr. <br />Hyde reported the church has a 30 day option to buy expiring August 1. <br />Pastor Wilderson of Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle stated if the improve- <br />ments went in it would make it difficult for them to place on that property <br />as they would want to, a church setting with the parking being hidden as <br />much as possible behind the church'. He also stated they would like to hold <br />up the construction of the streets making it possible for them to locate on <br />that property so as to be very acceptable to the community and also to the <br />needs of their church and the parking situation. <br />had visited the neighborhood telling them what they were planning. <br />visited approximately 25 homes within the area and from these residents about <br />one-third were opposed to it and the other two-thirds were in favor of the <br />church and the possibilities. <br />vehemently opposed and their thinking was that if the church wnet in there <br />it would increase their taxes because the area would be non-taxable. Mr. <br />Dunn said that the construction of the curb and gutter was being done under <br />a contract let by Mr. Ablah and that there is a completion date in the <br />subdividers agreement. <br />have to make the decision to delay further construction until the church <br />acts on the option. Mr. Ericksion, Village Attorney, commented that the <br />Gillage cannot vacate a plat so maybe something can be worked out with Mr. <br />Ablah and the church to delay EpnStrFctiog until their planned meeting <br />to discuss purchase of this property. Rev. Wilkerson stated that they are <br />asking now that construction could be held up and that Mr. Ablah not be <br />penalized if he could not meet the date of the completion on the basis . <br />of this hold up. Suggestion was made that the Council receive some kind <br />of communication from Mr. Ablah stating that he confirms it is all right <br />to delay the construction of streets, curb and gutter. Mr. Erickson then <br />stated that street vacation would have to be asked by the abutting owners <br />and as to the extension, the Village has a contract with Mr. Ablah to do <br />this work by a certain time and if he doesn't, the Village looks to the <br />bonding company so the only thing the Village could do would be extend the <br />date of completion and Mr. Ablah would have to request this extension from <br />the Council. <br />from Mr. Ablah stating that he wants extension of the completion date and <br />then Mr. Ablah can request the vacation of the streets. After further <br />discussion Councilman Courtney moved to continue this subject until the <br />August 2 meeting. <br />The property in question is Lots 31-34 inclusive, Block <br />Mr. Hyde stated that Minneapolis Gospel <br />The present status is that <br />Rev. Wilkerson reported he <br />He <br />There were about half a dozen that were <br />Councilman Johnson suggested that Mr. Ablah would <br />Mr. Hyde stated a letter should be received by the Village <br />Councilman Johnson seconded and motion carried. <br />HEARING DATES SET FOR PRELIMINARY PLATS Mr. Hyde requested that August 2., <br />be set as hearing dates for the following Preliminary Plats: Braemar Oaks <br />Addition and Smisek Addition. Councilman VanValkenburg moved and Council- <br />man Johnson seconded these dates Be set. Motion carried. <br />NINE MILE CREEK WATERSHED DISTRICT HYDROLOGIGAL STUDY FUND REQUEST DENIED. <br />Mr. Dunn reported the reason for the hydrological study is to determine <br />whether the proposed marsh habitat nature interpretive center can function <br />without unduly affecting the storage capacity, outlet capacity and downstream <br />is to operate properly from the standpoint of flooding and the time certain <br />areas are under water. A marsh habitat situation rather than a lake would <br />reduce the capacity of the Mud Lake area to store water, so the purposes of <br />.the hydrological study would be to see what alternates there could be to <br />this storage. Mayor Bredesen expressed his view that when the plan was adopted <br />in the first place it was a good plan and he sees no reason in changing it. <br />Councilman Johnson questioned that since Brauer &Associates was hired to <br />consider the feasibility of making this area a natural habitat, wild life <br />area now can't they complete their study without another $1400'1 Councilman <br />Courtney expressed his opinion that there is no need to give $1400, to them <br />for the report when the amount given to them was suppose to be the total fee. <br />'channel improvement. Certain criteria must be met if the natural habitat