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5/24/72 <br />9. <br />had been made but that this was the only-proposal that had been acceptable <br />and feasible. He added that this proposal would be a use which would <br />.I have a minimum of traffic generation. Mr. Hyde referred to an opinion <br />from the Village Attorney in which he suggested that the Board of Appeals <br />meet .again after the Council Meeting to finally grant variances, subject to <br />its prior conditions and whatever other conditions the Council may recommend. <br />He also recommended amending the Zoning Ordinance to authorize less parking <br />for housing for the elderly in specified zoning districts and subject to <br />specific requirements and with specific changes allowed from the normal <br />building requirements. Mr. Erickson alss recommended: that at all times <br />during the existence of the building at least 90% of the dwelling units which <br />are occupied must be occupied by persons 62 years of age or over, provided <br />that if a dwelling unit is occupied by husband and wife, only one of them <br />need be 62 years of age or over; <br />tion and the penalties for its violation and otherwise in form and substance <br />acceptable to the Village shall be recorded in the proper office to give <br />constructive notice.of the condition and a certified copy of the recorded <br />restriction shal'l be filed$with the application for a building permit; in the <br />event of any of the conditions of this variance are violated, the Planning <br />Director of the Village shall revoke the certificate of occupancy until the <br />conditions are complied with or until the requirements of the zoning district <br />in which the property is located are otherwise met; also a violation of the <br />conditions of this variance shall be deemed a violation of the provisions of <br />Ordinance No. 811. Mr. Hyde advised that-_a HUD official had told him this <br />afternoon that HUD would not accept any such restriction and that the City of <br />Minneapolis had never enforced its ordinance. <br />was unaware of the attitGde of HUD and suggested that the Council recommend <br />imposition of a deed restriction, subject-to the approval of HUD, which would <br />stipulate that certain occupancy requirements be placed on the property. He <br />added that if HUD denies the proposal, it would drop out automatically. Mr. <br />Givens emphasized that the project will be lost if it is not approved today <br />because the federal government has $5,000,000 in loan funds that will be <br />given to others if he cannot get approval. Eo.l.lo*ing cansl'tlar?bPe.diS~uSlsion, <br />Cduhkilman.Johnson moved that the matter be continued for at least thirty days <br />so that Council would have an opportunity to study the project further. <br />Motion was seconded by Councilman Courtney and the motion failed with Council- <br />men Shaw, Van Valkenburg and Mayor Bredesen voting "Nayt'. <br />aware of the Village Attorney's suggestions, Councilman Van Valkenburg then <br />moved that the variances be approved. <br />Shaw. <br />he felt that this is a good step for the Village to take and because he <br />he&ieved that the location is good. He comeneed again on his objection to <br />the waiver of underground parking and was assured by Mr. Givens, Sr. that <br />he would do everything possible to try to obtain funds for some underground <br />parking. <br />no need for the Housing Needs Committee and that he feels that Council is <br />being rushed into a decision. <br />ing of the project, but voted D1Aye*8. <br />Mayor Bredesen also voted "Aye". <br />previously stated and the motion carried. <br />a restriction containing the above condi- <br />Mr. Erickson said that he <br />Noting that he was <br />The motion was seconded by Councilman <br />Councilman Shaw sa'id that he w0uJ.d vote in favor of the motion because <br />Councilman Courtney said that if 'the project is approved, there is <br />He said that he is really opposed to the tim- <br />Councilmen Shaw and Van Valkenburg and <br />Councilman Johnson voted "Nay" for reasons <br />~ <br />The meeting was then declared adjourned,by Mayor Bredesen at 6:15 p.m. <br />- .d 4- <br />Village Clerk