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6/19/72 <br />replacement for the access that these properties will lose when County Road <br />18 is updated and that the proposed road will be 48 feet wide and built to <br />nine ton capacity. <br />it might be wise to split the project and consider installation of the road <br />South of Nine Mile Creek only. In response to Councilman Johnson's comment <br />that he understands that the County proposes to ciose County Road 18 and detour <br />traffic to Shady Oak Road, liir, Dunn said that the affected properties would <br />have access to the Crosstown Highway Frontage Road via Lincoln Drive. <br />Bredesen asked that the record show that the reason for the construction of <br />Lincoln Driye is the improvement of County Road 18 by Hennepin County. <br />cussion ensued relative to State Aid Funds. <br />Village does not use State Aid Funds to develop commercial streets and that <br />would not present a problem for the portion of the road now being proposed. <br />Urs. Charles F. Donnelly, 5205 Lochloy Drive, recalled hearing that Lincoln <br />Drive would be extended over County Road 18 to connect with DominiclcRoad. <br />was told by Mr. Dunn that Lincoln Drive would connect with DominickRoad North <br />of Fabri-Tek, Inc., and run parallel to County Road 18 to the 7th Street <br />Interchange North of Interlachen Hills Apartments; <br />County Road l$ was assured by Mr. Dunn that he would have access to his pro- <br />perty. <br />would serve the Kremer property between Nine Mile Creek and County Road 18. <br />No further comments being heard, Councilman Johnson's motion authorizing the <br />modified plan for street improvements (between DominickRoad and Nine Mile <br />Creek only) and the. sanitary sewer as proposed was seconded by Councilman <br />Courtney and carried. <br />tion and moved its adoption: <br />Nr. Dunn suggested that, because of many unknown factors, <br />Mayor <br />Dis- <br />Nr. Dunn pointed out that the <br />She <br />Mr. G. C. Reuter, 5533 <br />Mr. Dunn also gave assurance that the sanitary sewer as proposed <br />Councilman Johnson then offered the following resolu- <br />RESOLUTION 0RDERIRG.IMPROVEMENTS <br />STORM SENER IMPROVENENT NO. ST- S .r 13 1 <br />PERMANENT STREET SURFACING, CONCRETE CURB AND-GUTTER IMPROVEMENT NO. BA-190 <br />SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. SS-305 <br />GRADING, GRAVELING AND UTILITY RELOCATION IMPROVEMENT NO. c-112 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, that this <br />Council heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published and mailed <br />to owners of each parcel within the area proposed to be assessed on the follow- <br />ing proposed improvements: I <br />1. CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SEWER IEPQOVEMENT N0.-ST.S-13l4 IN THE FOLLOTJING: <br />Easement line in South 20 feet of Lot 11, Block 2, Richmond Hills 2nd <br />Richwood Drive from easement line to 160' 2 North <br />CONSTRUCTION OF GWIVG, GRAVELIrJG AND UTILITY RELOCATION IMPROVEMENT NO. <br />C-112 IN THE FOLLOVING: <br />Lincoln Drive from Londonderry Road to South 7th Street Interchange <br />3. CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT STREET SURFACIhG AND CONCmTE CURB AND GUTTER <br />IMPROVEMENT NO. BA-190 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Lincoln Drive from Londonder* Road to South 7th Street Interchange <br />CONSTRUCTION OF SANITARY SEVER IMPROVEMENT NO. SS-305 IN THE FOU0F;lING: <br />Lincoln Drive from South line of Nine Nile North Addition to 60 feet2 <br />Addition from pond to Richwood Drive - <br />2. <br />4. <br />South of center line of Dominiclc Drive <br />and at the hearing held at the time agd place specified in said notice, the <br />Council has.duXy-considered the views of all persons interested, and being <br />fully-advised of the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed with the <br />construction of said improvements as described in the published notice& of <br />said hearings except that with respect to Improvements C-112 and BA-190 the <br />improvements shall be revised to include only that part of Lincoln Drive which <br />lies between Dominick Road and Nine Mile Creek, rather than the improvement as <br />originally proposed, including all proceedings which may be necessary in . <br />eminent domain for the acquisition of necessary easements and rights for <br />construction and maintenance of such improvements; that said improvements are <br />hereby designated and shall be referred to in all subsequent proceedings as <br />follows : <br />No. 1 Above STORM SEWER INPROVEMENT NO. ST-S.131 <br />No. 2 Above GRADING, GRAVELING AND UTILITY RELOCATION <br />IMPROVEMENT NO. C-112 <br />GUFER FMPROVEMENT NO. BA-190 <br />SANIZARY SEVER I~PROVEMENT NO. SS-305 <br />No. 3 Above PERMANENT STREET 'SURFACING, CONCRETE CURB m <br />No. 4 Above <br />and the area to be specially assessed for S€omE6e%&r Impovement No. ST-S.131 <br />above shall include Lots 1 and 4, Block 1, Lots 1 thru 9 inclusive and Lots <br />11 thru 17, Block 2, Lots 1 thru 12, Block 3, Lots 1 thru 5 Block 4, Richmond <br />Hills 2nd Addition; and Lots 5 thyu 8 inclusivg Block 2 and Lots 1 thh 4 <br />inclusive, Block 3, all in Edenmoor,.with the understanding that the "extra- <br />ordinary benefit? policy shall be used; and the area proposed to be specially <br />assessed for Improvements Nos. C-112 and BA-190 above shall include Lots 1 <br />. .-.