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30 /2 / 7 <br />GENERAL FUND <br />Taxes <br />Village Share-State Liquor and Cigarette <br />Licenses and Permits <br />Municipal Court: Fines <br />Department Service Charges <br />Other <br />Transfer from Liquor Fund <br />State Apportionments - Sales Tax <br />Income on Investments . .. <br />TOTAL GENERAL FUND <br />PARK FUND <br />Registration Fees <br />Other <br />Transfer from General, Fund <br />$158 , 125 <br />146 , 800 <br />I ZP5,OOO <br />149,306 <br />143 , 659 <br />46 , 133 <br />625,211 <br />'40,000 <br />$1,414,234 <br />$ 28,000 <br />750 <br />148,867 177,617 . <br />PARK CONSTRUCTION FUND <br />Transfer from General Fund 80,000 <br />$1,671 , 851 TOTAL ESTIMATED RECEIPTS <br />Section 3. <br />sonal property in the Village of Edina, a tax rate sufficient to produce the <br />amounts hereinafter set forth: <br />That there be and hereby is levied upon all taxable real and per- <br />For <br />For <br />For <br />For <br />For <br />Fo r <br />General Fund <br />Park Fund <br />the Poor Fund. <br />the Firemen's Relief <br />Fire Protection <br />$1 , 6 14,446 <br />189,308, <br />17 , 500 <br />5 , 000 <br />14,510 <br />Bonds and Interest 72;OOO <br />$1 9 12 ,-7 6 4 <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by Councilman Courtney and <br />on rollcall there were five ayes and no nays and the resolution was adopied. <br />SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS LEVIED ON VARIOUS IMPROVEMENTS. Affidavits of Notice were <br />presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Pursuant <br />to due notice given, public hearings were conducted and action taken as here- <br />inafter recorded: <br />A. HATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT NO. 271 in the following: <br />Cul-de-sac at North end of Meadow Road <br />Mr. Hyde presented Analysis of Assessment showing total construction cost at <br />$4 , 112.97 , proposed to be assessed against three connections to Watermain No. <br />180 at $1,370.99 against estimated assessment of $1,374.04. <br />were heard and none had been received prior thereto. <br />ing Assessment later in Minutes.) <br />B. STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. C-109 in the following: <br />No objections <br />(See Resolution Order- <br />F7est 62nd Street from Tracy Avenue West 1400 feet to Olinger Blvd. <br />extended; thence Northwesterly along Olinger Blvd. extended to the South <br />line of Edina Grove Addition <br />Mr. Hyde presented Analysis of Assessment showing total construction cost of <br />$169,397.12, $143,574.13 of which being paid from State Aid Funds. <br />assessable cost was given at $27,526.92, propased to be assessed against <br />2,381.1 feet for Single Family Zoning and Park and 706.51 feet to be assessed <br />against Multiple Residence Zoning. <br />Single Family Residence Zoning and Park properties was given at $8.00. <br />posed and estimated assessments for Multiple Residence District properties <br />was given at $12.00 per assessable foot. No objections were heard and none <br />had been received prior thereto. (See Resolution Ordering Bsse3&1&nt later <br />in Minutes.) <br />C. STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. C-110 in the following: <br />Gleason Road from Dewey Hill Road to South line of Hyde Park Addition <br />Mr: Hyde presented total construction cost at*$21,356.80 proposed to be <br />assessed against 2,669.60 feet at $8.00 per assessable foot as originally <br />estimated. <br />No objections were heard and none had been received prior thereto. <br />Resolution Ordering Assessment later in Minutes.) <br />D. MLEY. IMPROVEMENT NO. E-25 in the following: <br />Total <br />Proposed and estimated assessment for <br />Pro- <br />He advised that State Aid share of the project was $20,270.00. <br />(See <br />North-South Alley between York Avenue and Xerxes Avenue and between West <br />East-West Alley between York Avenue and the North-South Alley between <br />Mr. Hyde presented total assessable construction cost at $10,332.24, proposed <br />to be assessed against 861.02 assessable feet at $12.00 per foot against <br />estimated assessment of $7.96 per assessable foot, advising that 25% of the <br />project had been paid from General Funds in accordance with Village policy <br />on concrete alleys. Mr. Petek J. Kiedrowski, 5609 York Avenue, and Mr. Ronald <br />Newman, 5625 York Avenue, complained that the assessment was considerably <br />56th Street and Vest 57th.Street <br />York Avenue and Xerxes Avenue