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12/4/72 <br />Courtney and Van Valkenburg indicated that they would 'Finformally encouragegt <br />the idea of the "Family Life Conference". <br />the December 18, 1972, meeting. <br />HENNEPIN COUNTY LEAGUE OF MUNICIPALITIES MEETING NOTED. Mr. Hyde called <br />attention to a dinner and social.program with state legislators to be <br />given by the Hennepin County League of Municipalities on December 14, 1972, <br />at the Hoplcins House. <br />tive proposals is planned.- Mr. Hyde advised that he has invited Mr. Bang and <br />Mrs. Forsythe.and will see if Bloomington has invited Mr. Pleasant. <br />The matter will be continued at <br />An informative evening including discussion of legisla- <br />EROSION AND SEDIMENTATION ORDINANCE DISCUSSED. <br />ordinance for control of sedimentation and erosion which had been given to Mr. <br />Erickson by Mrs. Alison Fuhr will be presented to the Environmental Quality <br />Commission for review. <br />belong to Mrs. Fuhr be presented at the next Ehvironmental Quality Commission <br />Meeting. In reply to a question of Mrs. Fuhr, Mr. Hyde advised that the Flood <br />Plain Ordinance had been granted First Reading by the Council and then referred to <br />the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for its comments and approval, Hr" <br />Dum ad&d that' the Deparemene ,of. gatura-1. Resources -raised questions" about the <br />criteria used by the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District and the Minnehaha Creek <br />Watershed District in the preparation of the flood plain maps to be incorpor- <br />ated into the ordinance. A meeting of the Department of Natural Resources, the <br />Village and representatives of the Natershed Districts was held on September <br />13, 1972, at which time the 'C-Jatershed Districts agreed to supply supporting <br />data to the Department of Natural Resources. <br />Department of Natural Resources since that tl 'me. <br />Mr. Hyde advised that a Maryland <br />Mr. Hyde suggested that slides dealing with erosion that <br />Northing has been heard from the <br />494 TRAFFIC PROJECTIONS DISCUSSED. <br />Hyde advised that the D.M.J.M. Report has already been implemented by the <br />new express bug semice.apd .by Yark .Avenue being cut through, Mr; Dunn' added <br />that the State Highway Department is working on traffic projections for Inter- <br />state Highway 494 €rOm Fenn Avedue' to France Avenue at this time, <br />In reply to a question of Mrs. Fuhr, Flr. <br />CLAIMS PAID SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION. CounZilman Courtney's motion v7as seconded <br />by Councilman Van Valkenburg and carried for payment of the following claims as <br />per Pre-List, with the understanding that checks will not be mailed until <br />approval by a third member of Council and confirmed and ratified at the next <br />Council Meeting: General Fund, $27,426,423; Construction Fund, $22,474.91; <br />Park Construction, Park, Arena, Swimming, Golf, Gun, $19,176.22; Plater Fund, <br />$7,430.85; Liquor Fund, $87,668.72; Sewer Fund, $32,262.80; Improvements, <br />$41,938.00; Poor and P.I.R., $77,110.98; Total, $315,488.99. <br />The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.