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1/ 877 3 -7 < <br />on rollcall there were four ayes and no nays and the resolution was adopted. <br />Mayor Bredesen entered the meeting prior to rollcall but abstained from voting. <br />VIUIIG HLLLS 4TH ADDITION PRELlIlINARY PT.&f GR&?TED.' AffiaZvZts of Notice were <br />presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Mr. Luce <br />presented Viking Hills 4th Addition for preliminary plat approval, noting that <br />this property is located generally South of Vernon Avenue and Vest of Gleason <br />Road. Mr. Luce said that there has been some discussion as to whether Lots 7 <br />and 11 should be expanded to include the outlot in Gleason Fifth Addition as <br />was assumed when that subdivision was developed. Planning Commission and <br />the staff have recommended preliminary approval of the plat contingent on <br />the owners of adjacent properties getting together to develop some useful <br />plan for the Gleason Fifth Outlots A, B and C. In reply to a question of <br />Mr. Hyde as to whether outlots can be built upon, Village'Attorney Erick- <br />-son said that all cases are not the same but that, generally, in accepting <br />a plat with an outlot in it, the outlot is considered a "holding area" -- <br />an area that is not platted because it is not ready for platting or because <br />the developer does not wish to plat it for some reason, Nr. Hyde expressed <br />concern that Outlots A and 3 mi-ghttb&TXeft as unplatted property and sugg6sted <br />that theeewo outlots be combined. <br />outlots which are in the ownership of Mr. Dean Akins. It was generally felt <br />by the Council that adequate protection should be created so that these out- <br />lots would not go tax delinquent and be a burden on the Village. <br />Krahl urged that the plat be approved as submitted. Mr. Dean Akins owner <br />of Gleason 5th Addition and Outlots A, B and c, said that Messrs. Herleiv <br />Helle and Roy Themell have been reluctant to make any trade. <br />siderable discussion, Councilman Johnson offered the following resolution <br />and moved its adoption for approval of the preliminary plat, subject to <br />changing the triangular portion of Lot 11 to an outlot and with the under- <br />standing that the property owners involved get together and create a build- <br />able lot out of the outlots and subject further that Viking Hills 4th Addi- <br />tion, Outlot A, the creek property, be deeded to the Village prior to final <br />plat approval : <br />Discussion ens,ued as to the status of the <br />Elr. Karl <br />Following con- <br />RESOLUTION APPROVING PRELIMINARY PUT OF m VIKING HILLS 4TH ADDITION <br />BE IT RESOLVED that the Village Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, that <br />that certain plat entitled "Viking Hills 4th Addition", platted by Karl Krahl <br />and presented at the meeting of the Village Council on January 8, 1973, be and <br />hereby is granted prel.%ninary approval subject to the following conditions: . <br />That the triangular portion of Lot 11 be changed to an outlot; <br />That the property owners of adjoining property get together and create <br />a buildable lot out of the outlots; <br />That Outlot A, the creek property, be deeded to the Village prior to <br />final plat approval; and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Improvements be <br />installed therein. <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution vas seconded by Councilman Courtney and <br />on rollcall there were five ayes and no ayes and the resolution was adopted. <br />1. <br />2. <br />3. <br />. <br />BIDS AWARDED FOR SQUAD CARS. Mr. Hyde presented a tabulation of four bids taken <br />cooperatively with Henrepin County showing Central Motor Sales, Inc., low bidder <br />at $3,522.00 for a Plymouth, Freeway Dodge, $3,569.30; Suburban Chevrolet, <br />$3,867.00; Iten Chevrolet, $3,793.90. Councilman Johnson's motion was seconded <br />by Councilman Van Valkenburg and carried awarding bid to recommended low bidder, <br />Central Motor Sales, Inc., for nine Plymouth squad cars. <br />DAYTON HUDSON PROPERTIES LETTER OF CObMENDATION NOTED. <br />attention to a letter from Nr. George Hite of Dayton Hudson Properties, com- <br />mending Council on its public services. No action was taken. <br />GEORGE FALCOWR Ll3TTER REQUESTING USE OF HODEL ROCKETS NOTED. <br />tion was called to a letter from George Falconer objecting to the fact chat <br />Edina has an ordinance banning model rockets, go-karts and mini-bikes. <br />explained that use of m5ssiles and rockets have been banned under the Nuisance <br />Ordinance because of a number of accidents which had occurred. He added that <br />State Statutes prohibit use of certain types of rockets and that he would write <br />a letter of explanation to 3fr. Falconer. <br />Mr. Hyde called Council's <br />I Council's atten- <br />Mr. Hyde <br />LOT 1, BLOCK 1, GLEASON 1ST ADDITION LOT DIVISION APPROVED. <br />the petition for division of Lot 1, Block 1, Gleason 1st Addition as recommended <br />by the Planning Commission. <br />resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Mr. Luce presented <br />Councilman Courtney then offered the following