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CITY OF EDINA <br />4801 W. 50TH STREET <br />EDINA, MINNESOTA 55424 <br />HENNEPIN COUNTY, MINNESOTA <br />ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS <br />INDIAN TRAILS B. INDIAN TRAILS C. AND INDIAN HILLS C <br />NEIGHBORHOOD ROADWAY RECONSTRUCTION <br />CONTRACT NO. ENG 19-3 <br />IMPROVEMENT NOS. BA-452 SS-514 WM-582 <br />STS-440, BA-455 SS-515 WM-583 STS-441 <br />BIDS CLOSE MARCH 7, 2019 <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that electronic proposals will be received <br />online only, until 2:00 p.m., on Thursday, March 7, 2019. The Edina City <br />Council will meet at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 19, 2019, to consider <br />said bids. The following are approximate major quantities: <br />BITUMINOUS PAVING 20,000 SY <br />CURB AND GUTTER 10,000 LF <br />COMMON EXCAVATION 7,500 CY <br />PIPE BURSTING 750 LF <br />6" DIP WATERMAIN 800 LF <br />CIPP 5,000 LF <br />6" SUMP DRAIN 10,000 LF <br />Topsoil and seeding quantities are excluded from this bid. <br />Topsoil and seeding quantities will be included in a separate contract <br />to be bid and awarded prior to June 2019. <br />Digital copies of the contract documents can be obtained for a <br />non-refundable fee of $40 at Enter eBidDoc <br />#6130712. Please contact at 982-233-1632 or info@ <br /> for assistance with free membership registration, down- <br />loading, and working with digital project information. Bidders can view <br />the contract documents at the website for free of charge. <br />For this project we will accept only online electronic bids through <br />QuestCDN. Instructions for online bidding are included in the Project <br />Specifications. For electronic bids, electronic bid bonds will also be ac- <br />cepted through Surety2000 using contract #6130712. The bid bonds <br />must be payable to the City of Edina in the amount of five percent (5%) <br />of the amount of bid, to be forfeited as liquidated damages in the event <br />that the bid is accepted and the bidder shall fail to promptly enter into a <br />written contract and furnish the required bond. <br />Immediately following expiration of the time for receiving bids, the <br />engineer will publicly view bids at the Public Works and Park Mainte- <br />nance Building 7450 Metro Blvd Edina MN 55439. The City Council re- <br />serves the right to reject any or all bids or any portion thereof. <br />BY ORDER OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL. <br />Sharon Allison <br />City Clerk <br />Published in the <br />Sun Current <br />February 14, 2019 <br />905423 <br />