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1'18 i 8/6/73 <br />at Stauder Circle and Londonderry., <br />temporary stop signs was also raised. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cherne, 5704 View Lane, <br />and Dr, Lloyd Pearson, 5700 View Lane, eoncurred with Eir. Waller's remarks. Mrs, <br />Chekne cited the past closfngs of Londonderry Drive at Walnut Drive, Eden Prairie <br />Road at Vernon Avenue, and Cadillac Drive and said that additional closings <br />should be made to alleviate traffic on View Lane. <br />his objections to blocking off public streets and the question of getting emer- <br />gency vehicles into the area was also questioned by Councilman Johnson. <br />man Shaw questioned the possibility of constructing a temporary crossing of Nine <br />Mile Creek in the form of a culvert covered by dirt and sod. Mr. Dunn concurred <br />that this could be done on a temporary basis only, but he added that the cilr- <br />rently proposed crossing is not an expensive project. Mayor Bredesen expressed <br />concern about traffic patterns from the proposed shopping center in Minretonka. <br />Mr. James Thorp, 5901 Walnut Drive, said that he represented 162 residents who <br />had signed a petition opposing the Walnut Drive bridge, even on a temporary <br />basis. Discussion ensued as to the possible installation of stop signs to slow <br />down traffic, Following considerable discussion, Councilman Johnson moved that <br />the Village secure the cooperation of Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Hennepin <br />County, the Metropolitan Council and the Nine Mile Creek Ilatershed District in <br />a joint study of the CSAH 18 Corridor between the North and South Village Limits. <br />The motion included the consideration of the impact on the highway, as well as <br />Vernon Avenue and/&fe present and future development of the adjacent areas and <br />the advisability of an interchange at Valley View Road and the Londonderry Road <br />area, %e motion also included: a) Approval of additional stop signs in the <br />East Parkwood Knolls area buE 'on1y:on a tempprkrytbasiS'until alternate access <br />is ,provided from the West Parkwood Knolls area; and b) Consideration of one- <br />way streets in the Parkwood Knolls area. <br />Van Valkenburg and unanimously carried. <br />Knolls area were invited to meet with the Village Engineer to make suggestions <br />to be considered by the Traffic Safety Committee as to the location of the <br />street signs and one-way streets. Councilman Johnson added to his motion that <br />if the Village cannot obtain immediate approval from the units of government <br />mentioned, the Village should proceed on its own. <br />authority to hire a consultant if such action is considered necessary. <br />addition to the motrim was also seconded by Councilman Van Valkenburg and the <br />motion *was unanimously carried, <br />ORDINANCE NO. 811435 ADOPTED ON SECOND READING. <br />Councilman $an Va3Xenbdrg'!offeriid.lth_e follbwing ordtnancd and moved-its adoption: <br />The possibility of the installation of <br />Mayor Bredesen reiterated <br />Council- <br />I <br />The motion was seconded by Councilman <br />Interested persons in the Parkwood <br />The motion also included <br />The <br />As recommended by Mr. Luce, <br />ORDINANCE NO. 811-A35 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDIhG THE ZONING ORDINANCE (NO, 811) <br />BY ADDING TO THE PLANNED RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT (PRD-3) <br />TRE VILLAGE COUNCIL OF EDINA, MINNESOTA, ORDAINS: <br />Section 1. <br />'The extent of the Planned Residential District (Sub-Distkict PRD-3) is <br />That part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 31, Township 117, Range 21, <br />described as beginning at a point on the Vest: line of said Section, 1589.04 <br />feet North of the Southwest comer of said Southwest Quarter; thence <br />East to a'point 1629.21 feet North of the South line of said section as <br />measured along a line drawn parallel to the East line of said Southwest <br />Quarter of Section 31 from a point on the North line of said Southwest <br />Quarter 990 feet T?est of the Northeast corner of said Southwest quarter; <br />thence South along said parallel line 543.07 feet; thence West to a point <br />on the West line of said Southwest Quarter distant 1059.36 feet North of <br />the Southwest corner of said Southwest Quarter; thence North along said <br />West line 529.68 feet to the point of beginning; except that part of the <br />above described tract lying Westerly of a line parallel with and 40 feet <br />Easterly of the following described line: <br />corner for the Northwest corner of Section 6, Township 116, Range 21; <br />thence South 87 degrees, 24 minutes and 02 seconds East (assuming the <br />West line of the Northwest Quarter of said Section 6 as bearing North 4 <br />degrees, 19 minutes and 05 seconds West) a distance of 693.43 feet; <br />thence North 46 degrees, 21 minutes and 27 seconds West a distance of <br />854.85 feet to the actual point of beginning of the line to be described; <br />'thence North 21 degrees, 55 minutes and 42 seconds Mest a distance of <br />617.2 feet; thence along a tangential curve to the right with a radius <br />of 1819.86.feet and a central angle of 16 degrees, 16 minutes and 40 <br />seconds, a distance of 517.02 feet; thence Northerly, tangent to the above <br />described curve, a distance of 200 feet and theze terminating, according <br />to the Government Survey thereof, which is in subdistrict PRD-3.rr <br />'Paragraph 4-of Section-5 of Ordinance No. 811 if the Village is <br />enlarged by adding the following thereto: <br />enlarged by the addition of the following property: . <br />Commencing at the closing