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11/19/73 11 <br />c REDEVELOPMENT OF 50TH AND FRANCE BUSINESS DISTRICT PLAN HELD FOR STUDY. Affid- <br />avits of Notice,were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed <br />on file. Mr. Luce explained that under authority of M.S.A. 462.11, the Village <br />has the right to establish Housing and Redevelopment Authorities. <br />procedures for such action, saying that, in order to establish such an Authority <br />for the entire Village, Council must pass a resolution stating that: <br />1, Sub-standard, slum or bli'ghted areas exist which cannot be redeveloped with- <br />out government assistance; <br />2. Adequate housing accommodations are not available to veterans, servicemen <br />3. <br />He reviewed <br />-and their families; <br />There is a shortage of decent, safe and sanitary dwellieg accommodations <br />available to persons of low income and their families at rents they can <br />afford. <br />Mr. Lude clarified that, in determining whether blighted areas exist, the <br />Council may take into consideration the degree of deterioration, obsolescence, <br />bvercrowding, the percentage of land coverage and areas available to inhabihants, <br />original land planning, lot lay-out and conditions of title in the area. Mr. <br />Luce showed scenes in the 50th and France business area demonstrating areas <br />which he and the Planning Commission considered blighted in the area and out- <br />lined the financing of a proposed four million dollar improvement project, <br />including new streets and parking facilities. <br />financing, under which the project is proposed to be financed, is the differ- <br />ence betwekn the base values of taxation and the increased taxes generated by <br />the new improvements in the area: <br />'that only one of the unfavorable conditions exist, the Council can declare that <br />there is a need for a Housing and Redevelopment Authority to function in the <br />Village and can appoint the H.R.A. Commission which, in turn, must study each <br />proposal. <br />plan, and that once the H.R.A; is approved, it would still need approval from <br />the Council at each significant step of develQpment. Dr. Ronald A. Peterson, <br />President of the Greater Edina Cbamber of Commerce, read a statement in which <br />the Chamber requested the opportunity to more fully inform itself concerning <br />the objectives and functions of the proposal. 'The letter also indicated the <br />Chamber's willingneww to underwrite the*cost of the initial study and planning <br />up to the sum of $2,000 if they felt that the creation of the Housing and <br />Redevelopment Authority would be in'the best interest of the Village. <br />Hosmer Brown, attorney speaking with the Greater Edina Chamber of Commerce, <br />said that at the last board meeting.of the Greater Edina Chamber of Commerce he <br />was asked to convey the Chamber's concern for additional information. <br />that the Chamber is looking at,this proposal as a possible vehicle for improve- <br />ment of,other business aread in the Village and that they believe that this <br />proposal would give more flexibility to any future plans the Village might <br />have for low cost housing. <br />6609 Brittgny Road, Mr. Luce said that no low cost housing is planned at this <br />point. <br />taken until the Chamber of Commerce and the Council have an opportunity to <br />study the proposal and get additional input. <br />shown by Mr. Luce depicted normal conditions or whether they were taken at an <br />. exceptionally busy time. <br />under consideration is far from ideal, he felt that the State Legislature might <br />challenge the proposal, that the City of Minneapolis and the Metropolitan <br />Council should also be involved in the project. Mr. Steven Sando, owner of <br />property in the area, said that the pictures shown by Mr. Luce were accurate <br />and urged that the Housing and RGdeaelopment Authority be investigated before <br />the area begins to go down hill. Following considerable discussion, Council- <br />man Courtney's motion that the proposal be deferred indefinitely to get input <br />from surrounding areas, until the CouncilChas an opportunity to study the matter <br />further, and until the feasibility study of the Chamber of Commerce is available, <br />and further, that the Planning Staff be available to work with the Chamber, was <br />then seconded by Councilman Johnson and carried. <br />the offer of the Greater Edina Chamber of Commerce to participate with the Vill- <br />age up to the amount of $2,000 in a feasibility study for the Housing and <br />Redevelopment program relative to the 50th and Frame Area. 1 <br />MORNINGSIDE AREA GARBAGE CONTRACT AWARDED. Mr. Hyde presented tabulation of <br />three'ljids received for garbage and refuse collection for the Morningside area. <br />Tabulation for collecting all refuse two times a week showed Edina-Morningside <br />Sanitation, Inc., low bidder at $48.'00, Able Sanitation, Inc., at $49..90 and <br />Lake Harriet and Edina Sanitary Service at $54.00. <br />age Manager, Councilman Courtney's motion awarding contract to 3ow bidder, <br />Edina-Bforningside Sanitation, Inc., and expressing thanks to Able Sanitation, <br />Inc., for tihe fine work that they have done in 1973, was seconded by Council- <br />man Johnson and carried. <br />He explained that tax increment <br />Mr. Luce pointed out that, upon determining <br />Mr. Luce said thafi several business men in the area had approved Fhe <br />' <br />Mr. <br />He said <br />In response t0.a question from Mrs. Alison Fuhr, <br />Mr. Courtney said that he did not think that any action should be <br />He questioned whether the slides <br />Councilman. Johnson suggested that, while the area <br />Dr. Peterson then reiterated <br />As recommended by the Vill-