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1/7/74 <br />Councilman Johnson's motion that the matter be discussed further at the meeting <br />of January 21, 1974, was seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />Em. JUNE A. SCHMIDT APPOINTED TO FILL UNEXPIRED COUNCIL TERM OF JAMES VAN <br />VALKENBURG. As recommended by Mayor Van Valkenburg, Councilman Courtney's <br />motion that Mrs. June A. Schmidt be appointed to fill out the unexpired term <br />of Mayor Van Valkenburg, which term will expire January 1, 1977, (as extended <br />under Chapter 123 of the 1973 Minnesota Session Laws). <br />nominated Mr. Arthur S. Nelson to succeed Mayor Van Valkenburg as Councilman. <br />Councilman Johnson's motion that the nominations be closed was'then seconded <br />by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />Shaw and Mayor Van Valkenburg voted for Mrs. Schmidt and Councilman Johnson <br />voted for Mr. Nelson, whereupon Mr's. June A. Schmidt was declared Councilwoman <br />for a term which will run until January 1, 1977. <br />Councilman Shaw both remarked on the large number of qualified candidates from <br />which to fill the position. <br />Clerk and assumed her place with the Council. <br />Councilman Johnson then <br />On the calling of the roll, Councilmen Courtney, <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg and <br />Mrs. Schmidt was then sworn as Councilwoman by the <br />EDINA TRANSIT COMMITTEE APPOINTED. <br />Councilman Courtney and carried, confirming Elayor Van Valkenburg's recorn- <br />Counci'lman Shaw ' s motion was seconded by <br />mendations for the- appointment of the following members of the Edina Transit <br />Committee: Messrs. Hite, Pyror and Banninger (representing the School District), <br />Ehes. James H. Overholt and Folke Victorsen (representing the League of IJomen <br />Voters), and Messrs. Bruce M. Get'hin, Warren C. Hyde, Richard C. 'Johnson, Con- <br />rad A. Razidlo. <br />COUNTY ROAD 18 TASK FORCE REPORT CONTINUED TO JANUARY 21, 1974. As recom- <br />mended by Mayor Van Va'lkenburg, Councilman Courtney's motion was seconded by <br />Councilman Shaw and carried continuing the County Road 18 Task Force <br />Report to January 21, 1974. Mr. Hyde pointed out that the Village would have <br />until ten days after the hearing of January 17,-1974, to make its formal <br />statement to the County. <br />K.M.S.P. TELEVISION APPEAL OF TRAFFIC SAFETY COEiMITTEE IZECISION AGAIN DENIED. <br />Mr. John Crouch, attorney representing KMSP Television, reiterated remarks <br />which he made at the December 3, 1973, Council Meeting, requesting access to <br />KMSP Tele-irision property from Southbound traffic on York Avenue be reestab- <br />lished. 'He emphasized that K.M.S.P. Television has a vested property right <br />inasmuch as the requested movement was permissible at the time the property <br />was acquired. Mr. Dunn, in response to a question of Councilman Johnson, <br />referred to 1968 plans which indicated that the median crossings were never <br />contemplated. <br />moving reconfirmation of action of the Traffic Safety Committee in denying <br />the request of K.M.S.P. Television was then seconded by Councilman Courtney <br />and carried, <br />Following considerable discussion, Councilman Johnson's motion <br />''CITY'' OF EDINA NAME TO BE ADOPTED. Mr. Erickson advised Council that he had <br />received no response as yet from the Attorney General in regard to changing <br />the name to the 'Cityrt of Edina under Chapter 123 of the 1973 Minnesota Ses- <br />sion Laws (Uniform Code of Municipal Government). He reviewed his memo to <br />Council which indicated that the word "city" must be used in at least some <br />sixteen areas. Councilman Johnson, suggesting that retention of the title, <br />*Villagetc of Edina would cause confusion, moved that the title "City of Edina'' <br />be adopted as a formality. <br />with Councilman Courtney abstaining from voting. <br />PROPERTY TRANSFER TO CITY OF HOPKINS CONTINUED TO JANUARY 21, 1974. 3lr. Hyde <br />advised Council that he had discussed the requested transfer of Outlot 1, <br />Trolley Line Addition, to the City of Hopkins with Hopkins officials and that <br />a bicycle path easement would be acceptable. <br />referring the easement to the attorney for review nas seconded by Councilman <br />Johnson and carried. <br />Motkon was seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried, <br />Councilman Courtney's motion <br />LOT 4, BLOCK 6, YORRTOWDEED RESTRICTION REMOVAL REQUEST CONTINUED. Council- <br />-man Courtney's motion was seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried continuing <br />the request for removal of atdeed restriction on Lot 4, Blodk 6, Yorktown, to <br />January 21, 1974, <br />D.M.J.M. SPECIAL MEETING WITH PLANNING CONMISSION SET. Mr. Hyde recalled that <br />the 494/T.H. 100 Task Force had continued to work on the D.M,J.M. tecommedations <br />, and had submitted a list of proposals which Council had referred to the Planning <br />Commission. As requested by the Planning Commission, Councilman Courtney's <br />mbtion setting a joint Council/Planning Commission meeting date for January 12,