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MJCNUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON <br />MONDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1974 <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney, Schmidt <br />MINUTES of November 18 and December 2, 1974, were approved as submitted by <br />motion of Councilwoman Schmidt, seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried. <br />Shaw and Mayor Van Valkenburg . <br />to 0 00 -m <br />HOUSING AND REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT FOR 5OTH AND FRANCE APPROVED. <br />of the Edina Sun on December 5, 1974, was presented by the Clerk, <br />Affidavit. <br />approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />redevelopment plan for an urban renewal project for the 50th and France area <br />of Edina entitled "50th & France Commercial Area Plan", dated December, 1974, <br />which was, developed by the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Edina after <br />consideration of the input from the Citizens' Advisory Commission, the Wood- <br />dale Neighborhood Council, the Business Men's Steering Committee, the 50th <br />and France Business Men's Association, the Planning Commission and the City <br />.Council. Mr. Peter Jarvis of Bather, Ringrose, Wolsfeld, Inc., consultant for <br />the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, said that there is a strong unanimous <br />concensus of the Steering Committee and that they are behind the plan 100%. <br />He said that the plan stands by itself in terms of a significant benefit to <br />Edina. <br />made by the plan and the goals. <br />overall urban design scheme for the 50th and France area which included lack <br />of parking facilities, traffic cireulation, environmental problems, lack of <br />adequate retail and office space and lack of eating establishments. He also <br />mentioned the laclof response from absentee landlords as lending to difficulties <br />in the area. <br />implemented in a time frame of two years and which will least inconvenience <br />existing business, residents and customers: 1) Creation of a separation <br />between the business district and the residential district while establishing <br />both physical and psychological barriers. to guture conrmercial encroachment <br />into residential neighborhoods; 2) Provide an attractive physical.and <br />economic environment within the neighborhood center concept, thereby attempt- <br />ing to increase viability of the goods and services offered; Improve <br />the human aspects of the commercial district: such as pedestrian traffic flow, <br />walkways, safety, and elimination of improper signage and overhead utilities <br />and other forms of blight, and landscaping; 4) <br />to the utility and roadway system which will reduce congestion and improve <br />circulation in the business district. 5) Implement a plaii that has negligible <br />tax impact on property outside the district and one which can pay for itself by <br />direct assessments which would be levied and a tax increment generated by the <br />increased development. Mr. Jarvis said that the plan calls for the narrowing <br />of 50th Street between France and Halifax Avenues to two lanes in conjunction <br />with the elimination of all on-street parking on France Avenue, W. 49% Street <br />and W. 50th Street and to construct additional traffic signals. <br />said that it is proposed to complete the existing ramp by adding two additional <br />full levels and the construction of a two level ramp on the North side of 50th <br />Street between the Northeast corner of Lunds' and Peterson's Appliance Stare. <br />It is proposed to remove the Union Station to provide for additional off-street <br />parking facilities. Mr. Janris said that the plan calls for 40,000 to 50,000 <br />square feet of additional retail floor space and an additional 30,000 square <br />feet of office space in one and two story buildings and spoke of proposed <br />enclosed pedestrian walkways which would connect the parking reservoir to the <br />North side of 50th Street to the stores along both sides of 50th Street. The <br />plan also calls for the construction of 14 to 16 apartment units to be <br />constructed on the three residential lots on the West side of Halifax Ave. just <br />South of the Edina Shell Station. Mr. Jarvis said that participation of <br />Minneapolis is expected to consist only of an urban design landscape treatment <br />on France Avenue and for one block East of France Avenue on 50th Street'similar <br />to that proposed in Edina, financial participation in respect to the traffic <br />signal system, traffic operation controls and the prohibition of all on-street <br />parking along France Ave. between W. 49th and W. 50th Streets. Mr. Luce <br />explained that increment financing generally is the ability of payment of bonds <br />by the increased taxes being generated from the improved district, <br />that the addition of new buildings and improvement of the general environment <br />would cause taxes to increase in the area. Mr. Luce clarified that ehe dif- <br />ference in taxes being paid today and in future years would be captured and <br />used to pay off bonds sold for this redevelopment project until the bonds are <br />paid off in approximately 14% years. Mr. Luce added that the School District <br />has reacted favorably to tke proposal. Mr. Hyman Edelman, representing Union <br />Oil Company, objected that improper notice had been given and said that Messrs. <br />Frank Coe and Lemy Balfanz, operatore' of Edina Union 76 Station, had heard of <br />Mr. Luce introduced the <br />Mr. Jarvis made a presentation which summarized the problem assessment <br />He mentioned problems caused by the lack of an <br />Mr. Jarvis listed the following goals of the project which can be <br />3) <br />Provide a general improvement <br />Mr. Janris <br />He said