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d MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF TIIE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT h3.Y HALL ON <br />PEBRUARY 24., 1975 <br />* <br />Answering rollcall were -members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor Van <br />Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES OF JANUARY 20, 1975, were approved as presented by motion of Councilwoman <br />Schmidt, seconded by Councilman Courtney and carr.ied. <br />LEAGUE OF WOKEN VOTERS HONORED FOR PUBLIC SERVICE. Nayor Van Valkenburg offered <br />the following Zesolution of Appreciation to the Edina League of Women Voters and <br />moved its adoption: RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION TO <br />LEAGUE OF WONEN VOTERS OF EDINA <br />BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Edina recognizes the members of the League of <br />Women Voters of Edina who have, through the years, volunteered freely of their <br />time in the cause of good government. That, in recognition of their efforts, <br />the City thanks this organization for its consistent and increasing volunteer <br />activities in: <br />Registration <br />Non-partisanship towards all candidates for elective office ... but partisan- <br />of voters at City Hall and elsewhere. <br />ship for the good ideas generaced by keeping themselves informed. <br />citizens through <br />-. .* Thanks them also for taking steps io raise the level of understanding ainong . <br />~ -- The Candidates' Meetings .. -- The Edina Community Forums -- Publication of the ''Edina Closeup" -- The Observer Corp which attends all public meetings -- The monthly Resource Briefings with speakers on timely subjects -- The promotion of United Nations Week -- The Flea Market Poll taken of Edina concerns -- The studies and surveys on such things as transit, open space, and <br />solid waste which have promoted the formation of city commissions <br />-And for their consistant and effective efforts to promote community under- <br />standing of the political process, through delineating the issues involved. I Motion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by Councilman Courtiiey and <br />on rollcall there were five ayes and no nays and the resolution wzs adopted. <br />EDINA POLICE RESERVE OFFICERS COMMENDED. Being advised in a mmrandm from Sgt. <br />Loweli Holman of the Edina Police Department of the numerous hours of volunteer <br />servioe 'donated; Councilman Courtnsy ' s motion-was. seconded by Councilmai Shaw and <br />carried that a letter of appreciation be sent from the Mayor, Manager and City <br />Council expressing thanks to Reserve Officers Michael Bodeen, Ronald Craig, Jens <br />Hovelsrud, Lowell Howard, Scott Johnson, Robert Larson, Scott McDaniel, James <br />Sehess; Arthur Szpanski and Edwin Werneke for a total of 1702 hours donated in <br />1971, 2151 hours donated in 1972, 1787 hours donated in 1973 and 2384% hours <br />donzted to the City of Edina in 1974. . <br />EDINA C0N"I~- DZZTELOPHENT ACT HEARING CO3DUCTED. -Noting that this is the first <br />of txo hezings require6 by law, Nr. Luce referred to "Application for Federal <br />Assistace" which must be submitted before the City will receive funds from the <br />United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Mr. Luce explained <br />that the appTication must show a three year program but that only funds for 1975 <br />are being requested at this time. <br />Edina Comunicy Development Act: <br />' <br />He presented the following summary for the <br />PROJECT - 1975 1976 1977 TOTAL <br />Housing Rehabilitation Program - $2mO $3-0 $4-0. $mO <br />2Iorningside Neighborhood Improvements 10,000 20,000 70,000 100 , 000 <br />50th and France Commercial Area 24,000 46,000 70,000 <br />5,000 7 , 000 5 , 000 17,000 Senior Citizens Program <br />Neighborhood Open Space and Parks <br />(aden, Weber, Beard and Chowen) 10,000 27,500 37,500 <br />Lake Cornelia Improvements 7,500 15,000 22 , 500 45 , 000 Iron Removal Backwash Facility <br />Special Childrens Program 1,000 2,000 * 5,000 8 , 000 <br />TOTAL $67,500 $130,000 $192,000 $389,500 <br />Mr. Luce pointed out that a study by the Metropolitan Council shows that Edina had <br />the third highest numbsr of poverty elderly in Henn'eph County. He clarified that <br />the City would be seeking funds to benefit not only the elderly, but low and mod- <br />erate income families as well. He explained that one of the objectives is to pro- <br />22 , 000 22; 000 <br />.