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MINL'TES 1 OF THE SPECIAL HEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD OK NARCH 10, 1975 <br />NORNINGSIDE SCHOOL GYMNASIUW <br />7:OO P.M. <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor Van <br />Valkenburg . <br />PTjLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON NOWINGSIDE AREA IIPRCVEMEMTS PROJECT XOS . P-BA-204 , <br />p-S-11, P-ST.S-144, Proof of publication arid evidence of mailed notices were pre- <br />sented by the City Manager, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Pur- <br />suant to due notice given, public hearings were conducted concurrently and action <br />taken as herein recorde4: <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF NEW AND REPLACEMENT .CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER AND NEW BITUMIN- <br />OUS STREET SURFACING (INCLUDING WATER SERVICE REPLACEMENT) IIPROVEMENT NO. <br />P-BA-204 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />All streets in former Village of Morningside except W. 44th Strreet and <br />France Avenue, <br />THE FOLLOWING : <br />All streets in former Village of Morningside except the South side of I?. 44th <br />StreeE and France Avenue. <br />The former Village of Morningside. <br />B. CONSTRUCTION OF NEW AND REPLACEMENT CONCRETE SIDEWALK, IMPROVEEiENT P-S-11, IN <br />C. CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SEWER IEPROVEMENT NO. P3T.S-144 IN T9E FOLLOWING: <br />Robert Dunn, Director of Public Works and Engineering, showed a series of slides <br />taken by the Engineering Department in the fall of 1973 which depicted the need <br />for the proposed improvements. He then presented the costs of the improvements <br />with a proposed basis for assessment as follows: <br />New Concrete Curb and Gutter, New $1,3-2.05 $32.00/Foot <br />Sidewalk and New Bituminous Street <br />Surfacing. <br />(All Morningside streets except W. <br />44th St. and France Avenue) <br />New Concrete Sidewalk $ . 20,663.21 $ 9.01/Foot <br />(North side of W. 44th Street) <br />Storm Sewer $ 223,313.92 $36.23/1030 Sq. Ft. <br />(Complete project started in 1967) <br />Replace Water Services $ 120,000.00 From Water Dept. Funds <br />(Hain in street to boulevard curb box) <br />Mr. Dunn pointed out that this hearing has been called to determine Eorningside <br />property owner reaction to the improvement of their area by construction of the <br />improvements indicated. <br />that - all of the Morningside area, with the exception of I?. 44th Street and France <br />Avenue, would have new concrete curb and gutter, new street surfacing, and new <br />concrete sidewalks. <br />Ncrth side of W. 44th Street. The projects considered st this hearing, if approved, <br />t70uld probably not be constructed until 1976 with the assessment levied in 1977 <br />and the initial payment due in 1978. <br />assessed over a ten year period. <br />market makes it difficult to determine the annual rate of interest that will be <br />charged on the annual unpaid assessmerzfs balance, but it will not exceed seven (7) <br />percent. <br />Dum's presentation and were answered by him, He pointed out that because of the <br />narrowness of the boulevard areas, if all curb and gutter was replaced in the <br />present location, most of the large boule-rard elms would have to-be removed. <br />Several members of the audience indicated they did not want aew sidewalks installed <br />where there are none at present and many expressed unwillingness to lose trees. <br />Following Mr. Dunn's presentation, the Mayor recognized many persons who hsd addi- <br />tional questions. Mr. Fernelius, President of the Morningside Community AssocL- <br />ation, volunteered his group's services in arriving at a consensus of neighbor- <br />hood feeling as to what improvements are needed and desired. <br />block-worker group was available. Considerable discussion was had on the water <br />pressure problems. Nr. Dunn showed a piece of main which had been taken from <br />42nd and Grimes Avenue. This had been installed in 1938 and displayed evidence of <br />a great amount of tuberculation which reduces the capacity of the pipe. Mr. Dunn <br />advised "that xhen the frost is out of the ground, sauiples will be taken from other <br />locations prior to any determination being made as to what must 3e done to improve <br />the pressure situation. Councilman Courtney advised that he was primarily inter- <br />ested in wh2t the residents wanted done and that the wishcs of the majority would <br />be of prime importance. <br />INPROVEMENT TOTAL PER ASSESSABLE UNIT <br />$1,728,799.18 <br />The net result of the improvements proposed would be <br />It is also proposed to replace the existing sidewalk on the <br />These improvements are proposed to be <br />The present condition of the Xunicipal Bond <br />Several questions were asked by members of the aGdience during Mr, <br />He pointed out that a <br />I <br />I <br />I- <br />I