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MINUTES OF A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY EALL ON <br />APRIL 14, 1975 AT <br />7:OO P.M. <br />Answering rollcall were members Richards, Shaw, Schmidt and Mayor Van Vallcenburg. <br />VOTONAICIC DEVICE DEMOXSTRATED. Nr. Ed Lellbach ,of Computer Election Systems, <br />Inc., demonstrated the Votomatic punch card voting device which he had presented <br />8 <br />I <br />to Council on January 8, 1975. <br />dsvice operates and pointed out'Ghat advantages *of the Votomatic over the <br />Automatic Vcting Machines now used by the City included ease of transporting to <br />t%e polling places, the ease of storage and the reduction in' fall-off in vot- <br />ing toward the end of thesballot.. Mr. .Lellbach assured Council that, if the <br />State of Minnesota did not approve the system,thata portion of the cost would <br />be returned. <br />City Hall, both &iring the day and in the evening when the May 20, 1975, Hop- <br />kins School District Election results are being tabulated so that they could see <br />just how the device actually works during an election. <br />discussion, Councilman Shaw: s motion t7as seconded by Councilwoman Schmidt <br />and carried, that the matter be continued so that the Clerk could furnish <br />statistics on the cost of moving and repairing the Automatic Voting lCiachines, <br />the comparative costs of supplies for the two systems and consideration could <br />be given as to whether the City would want its own computer or buy the computer <br />offered by CompuEer Election Systems, Inc. <br />He again explained the procedure by which the <br />Mr. Lellbach also suggested that the Council go to the Hopkins <br />Following considerable <br />PAARK BOARD CAPITAL IWROVEMENTS CONTINUED TO APRIL 211, 1975. Mr. Jack Rice, <br />Chairman of the Park Board, introduced other members of the Park Board and the <br />Park Department staff. <br />tion showing facilities and activities of the Park Board and estimated that <br />the park program has had 258,654 participants and 1,275 volunteer leaders over <br />the past year. Nr. Rice presented the Park Capital Improvements Program, cost <br />of which totalled $2,074,910 (not including land acquisition), a list of <br />immediate needs which should be completed by 1976 totalling $512,400 and a <br />"Facility Think List", a copy of whic <br />part of these minutes. Letters were noted from Mrs. Robert J. Schramm advis- <br />ing of her interest in an arts and crafts center and frun the Church of St. <br />Stephen the >&tyr supporting the proposed addition of a hockey rink, skating <br />rink and warming house to the West of the tennis courts in Utley Park. The <br />letter also said that my and all additions to adjacent parkirg facilities <br />that could be used by the church on a year-round basis would be welcomed. <br />Rice referred to the report of the Open Space Committee and pointed out that <br />the Park Board was particularly interested in the acquisiticn of property on <br />McCauley Trail Sout3, the Moore property on Mirror Leke, the Cahill School back <br />lot, the Hedberg property, the Carl Hansen property iocated in North Parkmod <br />Knolls area <br />burg pointec! out that the open space report and the Park Board Capital Improve- <br />ments Program need not necessarily be tied togcther. Methods of financing the <br />proposals was discussed generally, with Mayor Van Valkenburg pointing out that <br />the Library Fund had not yet been earmarked for any particular use. <br />questioned the cost of maintaining some of the proposed improvemen;s. <br />suggested the possibility that the City might find itself with a park system <br />that it cannot afford to maintain and recommended that the staff make some <br />analyses on the maintenance costs, particularly with the additional lighting <br />and the irregation program. <br />be less expensive to irregate and maintain good turf than to replace the sod <br />contiriually. <br />user fees and that good park lighting should help prevent vandalism. <br />Dalen recommended that, if the Council wishes to proceed with the j.mprov;ements, <br />a'bond issue should be authorized which would give the people an opportunity to <br />decide if the cost is warranted. <br />used for park maintenance. <br />under $3,000,000 for the park and open space programs. Ik. Rice recalled that <br />the Park Board had voted unanimously not to go to a bond issue at this time in <br />view of present economic conditions and because of the feeling that it would be <br />tied to open space. Nr. Richard Seaberg, 6.108 Arctic Way, said that the <br />Arctic Hills Homeowners' Association is concerned about the program outlined <br />and that they would favor ideas expressed by Mr. Dalen. Pirs. Margaret Xaki, <br />4520 Oxford Ave., asked if funds could be obtained in connection with the land <br />trade from Radisson South and where the second pool would be located. Nayor <br />Van Valkenburg said that discussion as to the Radisson South property had not <br />gone far enough to give an answer on that question. 24r.,Rice said that there <br />Using the view-graph, Mr. Rice made a slide presenta- <br />Prograin is attached hereto and made a <br />Mr. <br />and the Rutledge house located in Rutledge Park. Nayor Van Vzlken- <br />MI-. Hyde <br />He <br />Xr. Roslaad said that he had found that it would <br />He added that the tennis lighting costs would be recovered by <br />Hr. <br />.. <br />I . <br />He added that the liquor revenues could be <br />Mr. Dalen suggested that the bond issue be kept <br />t <br />.- .. - ..