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3/21/75 <br />WdEREAS, the problems of crime touch and affect all segments of our society <br />undermining and eroding the moral and economic strength of our communities and <br />their citizens; and <br />WHEREAS, there is still a reluctance on the part of-many ci2izens to involve <br />themselves in actions to insure the protection, rights :and well-being of their <br />fellow citizens; and <br />WHEREAS, Opt5mist clubs and- their members continue to sponsor. and support pro- <br />grams aimed at combatting crime and disrespect for law through-year-round efforts; <br />NOW, THEFSFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that I, James Van Valkenburg, proclaim the week <br />of- May 1-7, 1975, as RESPECT 'FOR LAW WEEK, and ask all citizens of the City of <br />Edina to join with the Optimists in carrying the message of respect for law to <br />other citizens, and by example, exercise responsible citizenship. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON VARIOUS IEffROVEMENTS. Affidavits of Notice were <br />presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />having been given, public hearings were conducted and action taken as hereinafter <br />recorded. <br />A. PERK4NENT STREET SURFACING, CONCRETE CURB & GUTTER AND SIDEIJALK IMPROVEMENT <br />I Due notice <br />NO. P-SA-205 IX THE FOLLOWING: <br />IJ. 78th Street from Cahill Road to 3300 feet 4- West <br />Council was advised that this proj e,ct is proposed-as a cooperative improvement <br />with the City of Bloomington and is a continuation of the upgrading of the'City <br />of Edina Municipal'State Aid system. Mr. Hyde presented total estimated cost of <br />$780,989.71, proposed to be assessed in accordance with the City's policy of <br />assessing State Aid streets at $15.00 per assessable foot for the street improve- <br />ment, with cost of the sidewalk proposed to be paid from Municipal State Aid funds. <br />authorizing the improvement was seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />Resolution Ordering Improvement later in Minutes.) <br />i <br />No obj edtions were heard from the audience, whereupon Councilman Courtney's motion f <br />(See i <br />B . WATER MAIN 1MPROVE)ENT NO. P-TJM-293 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Parkwood Lane from North line of Parkwood Knolls 19th Addition to Parkwood' <br />Road <br />C. SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. P-SS-323 IK THE FOLLOVING: <br />Parkwood Lane froh North Line Parkwood Knolls 19th Addition to 170' North <br />Improvements P-WM-293 and P-SS-323 affecting the same properties, public hearings <br />w&re conducted concurrently. Mr; Hyde presented estimated total construction <br />cost of Water Main Improvement P-TJM-293 at $9,131.35, proposed to be assessed <br />zt a cost of $3,043.78 per lot, and the cost of Sanitary Sexer Improvement P-SS- <br />323' at $3,306.35, proposed to be assessed at an estinated cost of $1,102.12 per <br />lot. Nr. Byron Zotaly, 5504 Parkwood Lake, said that h2 spoke for Mr. Edward <br />Powerk, 5500 Parkwood Lane, Gho was out of town and had not received his notice <br />2s yet. 'Mr. Zotaly said that both he and Mr. Powers would welcome the improve- <br />ments provided the sewer could be installed deep enough to work satisfactorily. <br />YE. Dunn assured Mr. Zotaly that there would be no problem with the depth of'-the <br />installation and said that the additional depth would not increase the cost of <br />the projects appreciably.. <br />mentwas then seconded by Councilman Richards and carried. <br />Ordering Iinprovementslater in Minutes.) <br />I <br />Councilwoman Schmidt's motion authorizing the improve- <br />(See Resolution <br />D. WATER MAIN IMPROVEMENT NO. P-W-292 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Dovre Drive from Lincoln Drive to West Line Parkwood Knolls 19th Addition <br />Dovre Drive irom Lincoln Drive to West Line of Parkwood Knolls 19th Addition <br />E. SANITARY SEWER INPROVEIBNT NO. '2-SS-322 IN THE FOLLOIJING: <br />- improvements Nos. P-SS-322 and P-WM-292 affecting the same properties, public <br />hearings were collducted concurrently. Mr. Dunn presented total estimated cost <br />of Water Main Improvement P-WM-292 at $9,171.12, proposed to be assessed at an <br />estimated cost of $1,528.52 per lot and the total estimated cost of Sanitary <br />Sewer iinprovement SS-322 at'$11,551.46, proposed to be assessed at an estimated <br />cost of $1,925.24 per lot. Mr. Dunn said that these improveinents are in connect- <br />tion with a proposed ?lat and that all of the assessments are proposed to be ' <br />assessed against the Rauenhorst Corporation. No objections beiag heard, Council- <br />man Richards offered the following resolution and moved its adoption: I RESOLUTION ORDERING IMPROVEMENTS NOS. <br />STREET AND SXDEWLK INPROVEiBMT NUMBER BA-205 <br />WATER PL4IN IEPROVEBfENTS NOS. WP1-292 AND WM-293 <br />SANITARY SEVER IMPROVEIBNTS NOS. SS-322 AND 88-323 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Edina, Minnesota, that this Council <br />heretofore causei notice of hearings to be duly published and <br />of each parcel within the area proposed to be assessed on the <br />improvements : <br />1. CONSTRUCTION OF PEPJ4ANENT STREET SURFACING, CONCRETE CURB <br />.. ,.I <br />SIDEUALK IKPROVEHENT NO. BA-205 IN THE FOLLOTKENG: <br />mafled ot owners <br />following proposed <br />AND GUTTER AND <br />Id. 78th Street from Cahill Road to 4- 3300 feet West <br />CONSTRUCTION OF SANITARY SEVER AND APPURTENANCES IMPROVEMENT NO. SS-322 IN <br />THE FOLLOWING : <br />Dovre Drive from Lincoln Drive-to West line Parkwood Knolls 19th Addition <br />2,