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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETIN\= OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON <br />US .19, 1975 <br />I <br />,f <br />.. I <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney, Richards; Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor <br />Van Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES of April 21, 1975, were approved as 'submitted by motion of Councilman <br />Courtney, seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />STORM SEWER-IMPROVEMENT NO. P-ST.S-143 CONTINUED TO JUNE 16, 1975. Being advised <br />that proper notice had not been given on Storin Sewer Improvement No. P-ST.Stl43, <br />Councilman Courtney's motion was seconded by Councilwonan Schmidt and carried, <br />setting a new hearing date for June 16, 1975. <br />COLONIAL CHURCH OF EDINA ZONING REQUEST CONTINUED TO JUNE 2, 1975. <br />Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on,>file. <br />Affidadts of <br />Mr. Luce presented the request of Colonial Church of Edina for a zoning change from <br />PRD-2 Residential District to PRD-1 Planned Residential District for property gen- <br />erally located North of the Crosstown Highway, South of Olinger Blvd., East of <br />Bredesen Park and Village 9 aIzd West of Countryside Park and the Edina Fire Station. <br />Mr. Lyce recalled that the staff had recommended that town houses were the highest <br />and best use for the property but that the Planning Commission had recommended in <br />favor of Colonial Church as being a reasonable use for the property. <br />said that it might be that a portion of this twenty-five acre site might have to <br />be taxed as excess land unless it was actually put to use by the church..,, It was <br />clarified that minimum size required for the site for a church is five acres. <br />Mr. Larry Laukka, member of the Building Committee of the church, said that <br />the church has outgrotm its present location at 56th and Wooddale Avenue. He <br />reviewed the history of the church and said that the proposed church would contain <br />650 seats and parking provisions for Mr. Laukka explained that the <br />church had been designed with the town houses and homes in the area in mind as to <br />scale and shape. Mr. Hamel, the architect, presented the site plan and cross <br />sections illustrating the entire parking lot, explaining that much of the build- <br />ing itself would be hidden by a'15 foot berm which would be constructed to the <br />North. He explained that the parking lot would be depressed into the hill and <br />that the long drivewzys desig~ed to provide access to the site would accom- <br />modate traffic without causing a problem in the neighborhood, adding that the <br />church is complying with the standards of the Environmental Quality Commission and <br />the Watershed District. In response to a question of Councilman Richards, it was <br />explained that the buildable portions of the site are limited and that the exten- <br />sion of the hill would shield the parking lot from view of the neighbors and would <br />provide for sound abatement. Discussion was had as to the comparative traffic <br />patterns of a church as opposed to traffic patterns of the town houses originally <br />proposed. <br />which would be adequate for 650 seats, but that if the size of the church should <br />be increased to 1,000 seats, the parking lot would have to be increased 50%. <br />Hamel said that those parking facilities could be constructed along the Western <br />boundary. Council was'assured that th2 church would be glad to discuss the matter <br />of the land immediately adjacent to the park with City officials. <br />Spence, 5900 Olinger Blvd., said that neighbors had met with representatives of the <br />church, and, while not generally opposed to the rezoning or general plans, did have <br />the following concerns about the layout: <br />South toward the Crosstown Highway, thbs saving the hill? <br />to come in from Tracy Avenue and circle in front of the town houses? <br />of the parking area to neighbors on the West and the North; 4) <br />ing that may be used; 5) The possibility of moving the parking lot; 6) Concern <br />about landscaping the berm; The possibility of constructing ingress and <br />egress from Tracy Ave. Mr. Spence then requested that the hearing be continued <br />for thirty days so that residents could meet again with the church, and sub- <br />initted a petition requesting that the matter be held over for thirty days so <br />that alternate proposals could be discussed for building "an adequate church com- <br />plex for its use without moving lakes, destroying lovely hills and replacing them <br />with asphalz parking lots, building unnecessary roads and doing other damage to <br />the adjacent homeowners and to the residents of the Village of Edina in general." <br />Mr. D'aniel Grant, representing residents of Nine Mile Village joined in Mr. <br />Spence's request. <br />hill entirely and said that the church has used extreme concern and care in the <br />proposed developnent and that they would meet with residents at the time they are <br />developing their landscape plans, and advised that the purchase agreement between <br />the church and Pemtom expires next month. <br />is only for concept approval and that the project would have to go back to the <br />Planning Commission with final development plans before coming back to the Council. <br />Mr. Hyde <br />Mr. Hyde pointed out that the church is providing parking facilities <br />P1ro <br />Mr. Russell: <br />1) Could the entire site be moved to <br />2) Does the road need <br />3) Proximity <br />The type of light- <br />7) <br />Mr. Laukka recalled that Pemtom had proposed to eliminate the <br />Efr. Luce explained that this hearing