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MINUTES OF SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING <br />EDINA CITY 'ALL <br />HELD ON MAY 28, 1975,arlT 4:30 P.K <br />i <br />The Edina City Council net in special session in the Conference Room of the Edha <br />City Hall to discuss the report of the Governmental Commission. <br />call were members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and llayor Van Valkenburg; * . <br />Governmental Commission members present were Mrs. Virginia Bodine and Messrs. <br />Frank A. Bonello, Allen Brosius, William Greer, Samuel NcGowan, 3ames Rose, Ker- <br />mit Wilson, John Windhorst, Sr., and Jack Yarger. <br />Answering roll- <br />Nayor Van Valkenburg complimented the Commission on their approach to their <br />charge. <br />Mr. Wilson, Chairman of the Governmental Commission, said that the G6mmissiorz had <br />not considered current operation of the City and that it believes in the present <br />Council. <br />and not for the present. <br />. .. <br />Ye said that the concerT-s of the Commission were only for the future <br />Tfis following matters were discussed generally: <br />Cooperation with the School District as far as maintenance of trucks, busses, <br />and cars, joint office space, care of grounds, use of the School Egest <br />as a joint communication, snow plowing and athletic programs. <br />expressed that the School/Police Liaison had been eliminated. <br />asked Mr. Hyde to look into these matters of cooperation. <br />Regret was <br />Thc Maya31 <br />Cooperation of City officials with Metropolitan and Hennepin County govern- <br />ment ; <br />Revision of School District Boundary lines; <br />Methods of encobraging home maintenance; <br />Impending retirement of some City officials ; <br />Retention of a professional managsment consultant; <br />/I <br />i Establishment of position responsibility manuals; <br />Establishment of a permanent long-range planning cornittee to consider a <br />projection of capital expenditures, revenues and tax base; <br />Need for additional programs and services for the elderly; <br />Retention of a fulf tine Electrical Inspector on the City staff; <br />Decentralization of City governmat to b&ng citizens and government closer; <br />Publication of three or four newsletters each year to provide better coin- <br />muz-~ications between the City-and resicents; possible use or' a public rela- <br />tions person; Submit articles to the Edina Sun and encourage their use; <br />Mr. <br />The <br />Southdale ar2a traffic sigcals, with special emphasis on a left turn signal <br />kito Fairview Southdale Hospital; Construction of a crosswalk at 51st and <br />Halifax. 'I <br />Hyde expressed the thanks of the staff to the Conmission. <br />Mayor adjourned the meeting at 6:20 'p.m. <br />?I <br />City Clerk I