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i >.. * EIINUTES OF THE CONTINUED MEETING <br />*,. *- - ,. . . , EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />OF THE \ 7-- <br />,HELD MONDAY, JUNE 16, 1975, AT 4:90 P.M. <br />c <br />Council members Courtney, Richards, Shaw and Mayor Van Valkenburg served as the <br />Board- of Review for .the meeting continued from June 11, 1975. <br />Councilman Courtney referred to a telephone call which he had received from an <br />anonimous caller, objecting to the "arrogaiit manner" in which the Mayor had con- <br />ducte.d the meeting of June 11, 1975. <br />as saying that he had always known Mayor Van Valkenburg to be most patient and <br />Councilman Courtney asked to go on record <br />long-suffering and that he ~~7as sure that the anonymouse remarks were entirely <br />'unjustified. 1 Mr. William T. Currie, 313 Madison Avenue, objected to the 1975 market value of <br />his house, stating that he had just purchased-his house on May 16, 1975, for <br />$23,900. <br />insisted upon before granting a loan on the property prior to closing. <br />Currie said that there are still a number of improvements which must be made. <br />Currie said that the property had been inspected this morning. <br />Mr. Currie listed improvements to the property that F.H.A. had <br />Mr. <br />Mr. <br />CD 0 <br />u w <br />Ms. Bernice Sullivan had filed an objection on June 11, 1975, to her 1975 market <br />value of $43,900 €or property located at 4809 W. 60th Street and had indicated <br />that she did not believe the market value to be.over $34,500, b'ecause the house <br />is in such poor condition. The Assessors will inspect the property, <br />The objection of the 1975 market value of $5S;280 was made by Mrs. FJ. B. Palm <br />for property at 6511 Aspen Road. <br />and one-half ago at a total cost of a little over $50,000 and that the Assessor's <br />office has examined her receipted bills. Mrs. Palm said that Edina Realty had <br />assessed the house at $53,900, Thorpe Realty at $53,000 and David q. Bell. had <br />assessed the house last year between $49,500 and $52,000. Mrs. Palm said that <br />a deck has been added and that the house has been inspected since that addition. <br />She listed numerous examples of houses (without giving specific addresses) and <br />the taxes paid that her taxes are higher than those houses which were over <br />$73,000 in value. <br />Mr. Patrick A. Gaspard, 6003 Pine Grove Road, had presented his objection to his <br />1975 market value of $89,490. <br />and was not present to make a presentation. <br />Mrs. Palm said that the house was built a year <br />I/ <br />Hr. Gaspard had not given his estimate of value <br />: <br />Mr. Edward C. Moore, 4610 Golf Terrace, had presented his objection to his 1975 <br />market value of $99,640. <br />should be between $85,000 and $90,000 but did not return to make a presentation. <br />Mr. John F, McNulty, 5020 W. 56th Street, objected to the 1975 market value for <br />his house of $40,420, saying that he believed that the value should be $39,000. <br />Mr,. McXulty presented letters to Couricil explaining his position. <br />advised that Mr. McNulty had purchased the property on June 4, 1975. for $42,500 <br />which price included sone personal property. <br />"office would make an inspection. (Mr. McNulty was represented by Jerry Kelley:.) <br />Mr. Frank J. Hughes, 7204 Glouchester Dr., had presented his objection to his <br />1975 market value of $72,380, <br />$65,000. Mr. Hughes did not return to make his presentation. <br />Mr. Moore presented his belief that his market value <br />Council was <br />Mr. Swanson said that tfie Assessors' <br />indicating that he believed his market to be <br />Mr. Samuel Schneider objected to the market value of an apartment building at <br />3105-11-17 'Heritage Drive of $480,810, indicating that the value should be $400,000. <br />He objected also to the <br />6300 Xerxes Avenue, indicating that the value for that building should be $275,000. . <br />Mr-Swanson will review Mr. Schneider's Profit and Loss Statements. <br />Mr. Mark Dalquist presented copies of a letter to Council objecting to the 1975 <br />market value of $159,800 for his property at 5012 Schaefer Road, stating that the <br />property should be valued at $125,000. <br />area are in a much higher bracket and requested that at least two members of the <br />Council visit his house with Mr. Swanson before making their decision. <br />that only two houses in his area had sold recently, those being at 6409 Interlachen <br />Blvd. and 5021 Schaefer Road. <br />1975 market value of $357,000 on an apartment building at <br />Mr. Dalquist said that other houses in his <br />He said <br />Mrs. L. D. Wells, 5425 Wooddale Avenue, objected to the 1975 market value of her <br />property of $31,960, stating that the value should be $28,000. Councilman Shaw <br />rem'znded Mrs. Wells that if she is 65 years of age or older, she could file for <br />a "Senior Citizen Tax Freeze" with the Minnesota Income Tax Division. Mrs. Wells <br />told Mr. Swanson that no comparable property had been sold recently in her area.