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129 <br />I <br />... .CC Mr. .E&ghes kkcorrn??ended approv3i'"oy:t1ie plg6*&&nc?mat tj tlie Goth on &ha condi- <br />t'lon'that 290 additional parking spaces be constructed for the site, for a total <br />of 2,000 parking spaces. <br />site plan and agreed to add 290 parking spaces, either on the site, or else <br />by acquiring additional land. <br />Mr. John R. Heini, Vice President ctr Carlson Companies, Inc., in which it was <br />agreed that within one year after the completion of construction of the pro- <br />posed five story addition to the existing Radisson Village, either "(i) the <br />existing parking lot will be altered in a manner satisfactory to the planiiing <br />staff of the City in order to provide 290 additional parking spaces or (ii) <br />the additional parking spaces will be provided in an alternate manner which <br />satisfies the City Planning Staff of the City of Edina". Concerns were ex- <br />agreement which would bc used .in the event the additional parking spaces were <br />not provided by the hotel, so that the City could construct the parking lot and <br />assess the cost against Radisson South. <br />cern that the year time period was too long. Mr. Robert Berkwitz of the Radis- <br />son So:rth agreed that the hotel will revamp its present parking lot and provide <br />an alternate plan. Cocncilman Courtney's motion was then seconded by Council- <br />man Bredesen that the plan amendnent be approved in concept and that the hear- <br />ing be continued until July 2, 1979, for further clarification of the parking <br />lot plans. . <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried, with the proponents being warned $0 proceed at their own risk. <br />Mr. David Constable from Contract Services showed a <br />Council's attention was called to a letter from <br /><pressed by Councilman Richards and Mr. Erickson that there should be a written <br />Councilman Richards also expressed con- <br />REGENCY 1ST ADDITION GRANTED PRELII.IINARY APPROVED ; ORDINANCE NO. 8 11-A12 7 GRANTED <br />FIRST XEADING. Affidavits of Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form <br />and ordered placed on file. <br />for a zoning change from R-1 Single Family District to Pm-4 Planned Residezltial <br />District and for preliminary plat approval of Regency 1st Addicion for property <br />located on the. Southwest. corner of France and W. 51st St. He recalled that the <br />subject property is located within the 50th and France Redevelopment Area and <br />designated for 13 to 15 multiple residential mits based on the lot area of <br />29,000 square feet. Nr. Hughes recalled also that in 1976 Rainbow Management had <br />Fetitioned to cocstruct i! 40 wit senior citizen a?artmmt building, but had not <br />pursu2d the request after the Board of Appeals and Adjustments denied the variance <br />end requested that a maximum of 32 units be proposed. Xr. Eughes said that the <br />proposed building compared to other apartments 5n the 50th and France area and $s <br />consistent with the concepts contained in the 50th and France Redevelopment Plan. <br />He advised also that the proposed building would maintain setbacks of 20 feet, 25 <br />feet and 29 feet from the East, South and West property lines respectively and <br />that, inasmuch as the Zoning Ordinance requires a 35 foot setback, a vzriance com- <br />pairable to the variance granted The Lanterns will be required. In respoilse to a <br />concern of Councilmm Courtney, Mayor Van VdkenSurg recalled the atteapt that had <br />been m2de to develop the property for low and moderate income housing. In response <br />to the concern of Mrs. Ruth Kron, who said that she was speaking for neighbors in <br />the area, Nr* Peter Jarvis of Bather, Ringrose & Wolsfeld said that it would be <br />impossible to change the height of the building without starting 211 over. Xr. <br />Hughes pointed out that this is Plarzied Residential DFstrict zoniag and that aay <br />change would have to be approved by the Council. <br />will be required because of the density and that that zoning can'be approred at . the tine the overall development plan is brought to Council. Nr* Hughes said that <br />new notices will be sent out and published at that time. In response to a quest- <br />ion of Mr. Jarvis, Mr. Erickson suggested that the variance request be worded "not <br />greater than" and that the Boerd of Appeals and Adjustments be apprised of the <br />develoFer's concern over the leeway of a few inches. <br />the Comiunity Development aild Planning Commission 's recomaendation for approval <br />was based on plax modifications <br />site must be relocated either to the Southern extrer;e of the site on France Ave. <br />or to the Western extreme of the site on 51st St., arid that the amount of lands- <br />caping should be increased on the West side of tile buii35-ng. <br />of underground parking spaces was also requested. <br />heard, Councilwoman Schl;zj.dt Gffered tile following resoiv:tion and mosb-d its <br />adoption : <br />Mr. Hughes presented the request of Metro Consultants <br />It was brought out PRD-rS zoning <br />Mr, Hughes advised that <br />under which the YropGsed driveway entrance to the <br />A= increased number <br />No f-irther objections being <br />RES OLUT ION <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Edina City Council that that certain plat entitled Regency <br />1st Addition, presented for prelimirtsry approval at the. Edina City Cour_cil Xeeting <br />of June 18; 1979;- by Xetro Consultants, be and is hereby granted preliminary plat <br />ap p roviz 1. <br />Motion for adoption of tlie rel;olution vms seconded 3y Councilmm Richards. <br />a