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130 <br />t r4 f . d I!$ <br />Rdlczll: , <br />Nays: None <br />Resolution adopted. <br />Ayes : Bredesen, Courtney, Richards Schmldt, Van Vnllcenburg .If I <br />Councilwoman Schmidt lrhen offered Ordinance Np .I 81 l-AJ27 for First Reading as <br />ORDINANCE NO. 8.h.4127 P <br />follows: . 4 I 1- <br />AF! ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ZONING ORDINANCE (NO. 811) t <br />BY ADDING TO THE PLANNED - P’SIDENTIAL DISTRICT (PRI)-4) - , I - % ; <br />THE CITf CO-UNCIT, OF EDINA, MINNESOTA ORDAINS: <br />enlarged by adding the following thereto : <br />enlarged by the addition of the following property: <br />Section 1. Paragraph 4 of Section 5 of Ordinance No. 811 of the City is <br />“The extent of the Planned Residential District (Sub-District PRD-4) is <br />That part of Lot 58, Auditor’s 172 and that part of the Northeast <br />Quarter of the Southeast Quarter, Sec.18, T. 28, R. 24 described as beginning <br />at the ir,tersection of the East line of said Northeast Quarter of the Southeast <br />Quarter with the extension East of the South line of said Lot 58; thence Vest . along the extension of the South line of said Lot 58 and along the South line <br />of said Lot 58 to a point distant 165 feet West of the Esst line of said North- <br />east Quarter of the Southeast Quarter thence North parallel to the East’line of <br />said Sortheast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter a distarice cf 66 feet thence <br />East parallel to the South line’of said Lot 58 and its extension 165 feet to <br />the Eastt line of said Northeast’ Quarter of the Southeast QuErter; thence South <br />recorded plat thereof; and <br />That part of the Xast 135 feet of Lot 58, lying North of the South 66 feet <br />thereof, Auditor’s Subdivision Number 172; and <br />The South 60 feet of East one-half of Lot 56, Auditor’s Subdiv5sion Nuinbcr 172, <br />except the West 155 feet thereof, except that part thereof cozveyed to Edina <br />by 69 E.C.R. 3786923; and <br />Tine North 72 feet of the East 143 feet of Lot 56, Auditor’s Subdivision Eumber <br />172, except that part thereof conveyed to Edina by 69 H.C.R. 3786923, which is <br />in Sub-District PRD-4. <br />Sec. 2. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect Gpon its passage and <br />. <br />* along said East line 66 feet to the point of beginning, according to the <br />I <br />< i ? I pablication. <br />WBDEX ACRES, PETERSON PaPLAT REFERRED BACK TO COMHUKITY DEVELOPNEBT AND PLAhTNIXG <br />-- CCN&lISSION. -.Affidavits of Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and <br />ordered placed on file. Nr. Hughes presented Warden Acres, Peterscn Replat, for <br />preliminary plat approval, advising that the property is located South of Grove <br />Streee and West of the Minzl-eapolis, Northfield and Southern Railroad tracks. ne <br />furtker advised-that the fact that the property abutts the >ll?&S Railroad tracks <br />aid has a 50 foot wide power line easement abutting the railroad right-of-wtty <br />~eihces ehe anomt of buiidable area. <br />comprised of two developed s‘ingle family lots which hsve a total area of 2% acres <br />a26 which Zront on Grove Std The proponents are requesting a seva lot subdivi- <br />sisi, v5th two lots being retained for the esisting dyellings and one .lot. which <br />froilts on’Gro17.e St. and abutts the railroad tracks is proposed to 3e rezoned ,t,o <br />R-2 Residentiil District. <br />to sexe all ok the lots in the subdivision with the exception of the E-2 lot,and <br />rkmld -zoimect with the on the West with the screet dedicated by Warden -4crcs, <br />AusE3n Replat. He clarified that a telcporary cul-de-sac would be constructed on <br />the new street (similar to the Oak Lane cul-de-sac) pending the further extension <br />of the street. Couilcil was also .advised that the otmer of the existing dwelling <br />on the! East side of the new street has stated his intent to remodel his dwelljag <br />by adding an attached garage to the North side of the house and re-or+entLng the <br />ezltrance eo the house to the new streat and that the owner of the eirjSt5ng dmlx- <br />.~-g on the West side oE the nFw street is contemplating a.siilli1a.r remodeling. - <br />Mr. Hughes advised that, while the Cornunity Developmznt and Planning Commission <br />hac! recornended denial of the R-2 zoning, it had recommended approval of the plat, <br />s123ject to the receipt of an executed developers agreement, subdivision dedication, <br />arid with the condition that the owner of the existing dv2lling’on the East side <br />of the Iiev screet conmiit tc the removal oE the existing Cetschcd garage on Tat 3 <br />and that a new garage be constructed on Lot 1. Mr. Evans >kineke said that it is <br />proposed to ‘construct a 54 widz double buqalow 03 Lot 2, whkh would hzve iiccess <br />to Grove St., and that the immediate neighbors hive not objec’ied to the plat or to <br />the proposed 8-2 zoning, and’rurged the Corincil to approve the zonlng change as <br />requested. Mr. Jeffrey Stevenson, 5500 Grove St., said that he .represents neigh- <br />bors who believo, that the R-2. zvning will destroy the character of the ncighbyr- <br />hood and pointed orrt that there is 3 tr;c acre lot across the street for which <br />Mr. Hughes said that the subject property is <br />Mr. Ihghes explained that a new street vould be platted