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-. 152 <br />12/19/83 <br />I. <br />8 2 <br />"The extent of the Planned Residential District (Sub-District PRD-3x is. . <br />enlarged by the addition of the following property: <br />Lots 3, 4, 5, Block 4, Grandview Heights (which is in Sub-District PRD-3)" . <br />Sec. 2. <br />and publication. <br />Membei'Richards then moved that the concerns regarding traffic flow, both into <br />Committee for their recommendations. <br />This ordinance shall be in full force and effect upon its passage <br />. .r and from.,the,site, on Interlachen Boulevard be referred to the Traffic Safety <br />Motion was seconded by Member Bredesen. <br />... Ayes:. Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner, Courtney I Motion carried. <br />HEDBERG AND SONS CO$PANY REQUEST FOR REZONING TO POD-1 AND PRELIMINARY PLAT CONTINUED <br />TO JANUARY 9, 1984. <br />and for preliminary plat approval of Hedberg and Sons Company had been continued <br />from the Council Meeting of December 5, 1983, and thai the proponents have again <br />requested a continuation to January 9, 1984. <br />by Member Turner to continue the Hedberg and Sons Company rezoning request and pre- <br />liminary plat review to January 9, 1984. <br />Mr. Hughes recalled that the request for rezoning to POD-1 <br />Member Schmidt's motion was seconded <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />AMENDMENT TO CO&PRJ3HENSIVE PLAN FOR 1980-90 CONTINUED TO JANUARY 9, 1984. <br />recommendation by staff, Member Richards moved that the hearing on the Amendment to <br />the Comprehensive Plan for 1980-90 be continued to January 9, 1984. <br />seconded by Member Turner. <br />Upon <br />Motion was <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner, Courtney J Motion carried. <br />'PRELININARY PLAT APPROVED FOR SVANOE REPLAT, LOT 3, BLOCK 3, CAROLANE ADDITION <br />Affidavit of Notice was presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed <br />on file. Mr. Hughes recalled that preliminary plat approval of the Svanoe Replat, <br />generally located at 7013 Lee Valley Circle, had been considered by the Council on <br />October 17 and November 7, 1983, for a subdivision of an existing single family lot <br />that is improved with a dwelling on the easterly portion. At the latter meeting, <br />it was referred back to the Community Development and Plannihg Commission because of <br />concerns raised by surrounding property owners that,'due to the shape of the new- <br />lot, a-dwelling could be. constructed to the rear of the property .which would <br />overlook the rear yards of the adjacent properties. <br />tion be placed on the lot that would regulate the precise location of a new house on <br />the property. The Planning Commission subsequently reviewed a proposal by the pro- <br />ponent to restrict the lot whereby a house could not be constructed beyond a.line --c <br />drawn parallel with and 124 feet southwesterly of the front lot line in response to <br />concerns of the neighbors. The Commission at its November 30, 1983, meeting recom- <br />mended approval of the subdivision, subject to the proposed restriction and sub- <br />division dedication. Mr. Hughes indicated that Don Patten, representing the propon- <br />ents, was present to answer questions. Mr. Patten then presented graphics of a <br />proposed house to be built on the new lot that he felt would fit nicely within the- <br />proposed restriction and that would fall within the setbacks required by ordinance. <br />He stated that the neighbors had been shown the plan at a meeting on November 21, . . <br />and requested approval of the subdivision as now proposed. William Smith, 7017 Lee <br />Valley Circle, referred to his letter of October 28, 1983 in which proposed setbacks <br />were stated and commented that he felt the setbacks &n the plan now proposed are <br />inconsistent with what was expected. Mr. Smith asked that the Council reconsider <br />where the restriction line should be and reiterated his concern that the proposed <br />subdivision will result in the loss of privacy he now enjoys and that it will be <br />inconsistent with the current siting of homes in the neighborhood. <br />cussion on sideyard and rear yard setbacks, Member Turner offered the following <br />resolution and moved its adoption: <br />I <br />:I , <br />It was suggested that a restric- <br />. - <br />Following dis- <br />-I RESOLUTION APPROVING PRELIMINARY PLAT <br />APPROVAL OF SVANOE REPLAT <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Edina, Minnesota, that that certain <br />plat entitled "Svanoe Replat", pxatted by William R. and Myrtle A. Svanoe, husband <br />and wife, and presented at the regular meeting of the City Council of December 19, <br />1983, be and is hereby granted preliminary plat approval, subject to the condition <br />that the owner execute and deliver to the City a declaration of restrictive covenants, <br />in recordable form and otherwise in form and substance acceptable to the City, pro- <br />hibiting construction of any house, porch or deck, on that part of the Westerly lot <br />of Carolane Addition lying Southwesterly of a line drawn parallel with and 124 feet <br />Southwesterly of the Northeasterly line of the lot. <br />Xotion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by Member Bredesen. <br />Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Turner, Courtney <br />Abstained: Schmidt <br />Resolution adopted. <br />:r