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7/23/84 <br />105 <br />CAPITAL BUDGETING PROGRAM PRESENTED AND DISCUSSED. Mr. Rosland stated <br />been working with the staff to develop a proposed capital renewal plan <br />that he has <br />covering a <br />ten year period to 1994. The plan would cover capital equipment replacements, <br />capital renewals and capital additions. <br />pointing out General Fund available revenue, the General Fund capital program, <br />and the balance of capital needed for the program, taking into account the <br />projected enterprise "losers". Other financial resources were identified for <br />various projects with the greater portion of the capital renewal plan to be funded <br />from the general tax fund. Mr. Rosland reviewed the proposed plan by department, <br />including anticipated road and bridge projects and a 5-year sidewalk program. He <br />explained that the capital renewal plan was being presented to enable the Council <br />to review and study the concept of such a plan. <br />no formal action was taken. <br />He presented an overview of the:plan <br />A brief discussion was held but <br />1984 LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY DISCUSSED. <br />legislative policy issues which had been developed for 1983-84. <br />advised that progress has been made on a number of issues through the lobbying <br />effort of the Municipal Caucus in which the City of Edina is represented by Member <br />Richards. Other 1984 legislative changes affecting Edina were also presented. <br />Mr. Rosland recommended that the Council Members again meet with the elected <br />state, county and Metropolitan Council representatives for Edina in order that <br />legislative issues affecting the City could be discussed. A breakfast meeting <br />was tentatively set for Friday, September 28, 1984, at 7:30 a.m. at City Hall. <br />As suggested by Mayor Courtney, Mr. Rosland stated he would be contacting the <br />elected officials by letter to invite them to attend and would report back to the <br />Council on their response. No formal action was taken. <br />The Council was presented with an update on <br />Mr. Rosland <br />COUNCIL STRATEGIC PLAN REVIEWED. Mr. Rosland recalled that during the past <br />year the Council has been meeting informally to develop a strategic plan. As a <br />result, a mission statement has been formulated, key strategic issues have been <br />identified and key issue objectives together with short term objectives were <br />developed. <br />advise him if they felt additions or revisions should be considered. <br />a social services comprehensive plan was mentioned. <br />attention to an update of the City Corporate Work Plan through July 1984. <br />formal action was taken. <br />He suggested that the Council again review the strategic plan and <br />A need for <br />Mr. Rosland also called <br />No <br />INVITATION EXTENDED BY RICHFIELD CITY COUNCIL. Mr. Rosland.informed the Council <br />Members that an invitation has been extended to the Edina City Council by the <br />City Council of Richfield for a golf match on Wednesday, September 26, 1984. <br />He asked that the Council Members advise him of their response so that it could <br />be relayed to Richfield. No action was taken. <br />Their being no further items to be discussed, the meeting adjourned at 9:07 p.m. <br />u <br />City Clerk