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... <br />MINUTES <br />OF THE REG= MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />FEBRUARY 4, 1985 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Bredesen, Kelly, Richards, Turner and Mayor <br />Courtney. <br />i <br />.I <br />I <br />! <br />PUBLIC HEARING HELD ON WOODDALE SCHOOL SITE/UTLEY PARK/W. 50TH STREET; REPORT <br />and ordered placed on file. Mayor Courtney advised that Member Fred Richards <br />would chair this portion of the meeting. <br />procedure for the hearing and the order of presentations. He stated that the <br />the consulting firm of Bennett, Ringrose, Wolsfeld, Jarvis, Gardner, Inc., (BRW) <br />had made excellent presentations of their report regarding the subject property <br />at the two informational meetings held on January 8 and 15 at the Wooddale School <br />for all interested persons, and that this formal public hearing was being held so <br />that the Council could receive the report of the consultant, together with- the <br />recommendations of the staff, the advisory boards/commissions, the Edina Historical <br />Society, the Wooddale Neighborhood Council and input from the general public. <br />suggested that the hearing then be continued to the meeting of March 4, 1985, <br />to allow the Council time to review and consider all reports and comments submitted. <br />Assistant City Manager Bernhardson presented background information advising that <br />when the City and the School District negotiated the sale of the Wooddale School <br />site it was the intent of the Council that a study be undertaken to determine the <br />direction for the school building and the site. <br />the park area around the building should also be part of the study together with <br />W. 50th Street which is deteriorating and is under consideration for improvement <br />including related sanitary sewer and storm sewer work. <br />added to the study to allow for flexibility in studying the Wooddale School site <br />and W. 50th Street. Mr. Peter Jarvis, of the firm of BRW, then gave oral summaries <br />of their written report entitled "Evaluation of Alternatives for: West 50th Street, <br />Wooddale School Building, Wooddale School Site and Utley Park". <br />the Wooddale School building he stated that the charge given by the Council was to <br />evaluate the structure from a physical standpoint and to'look at alternatives, <br />each to stand on its own merit, and to evaluate those alternatives. <br />Alternative A - Maintain the entire structure as it now exists. -Would'provide <br />approximately 43,000 useab1e.s.f. that rented to prospective tenants. <br />Estimated baseline renovation costs: $524,000 and annual maintenance of $204,000. <br />Complete renovation and restoration costs: $1,028,000 and annual maintenance <br />cost of $204,000. <br />in 1936 with demolition of northerly addition. <br />23,000 useable s.f. Estimated baseline renovation cost: $470,000 and annual <br />maintenance of $131,000. Complete renovation and restoration costs: $771,000 and <br />annual maintenance cost of $131,000. <br />historic facade facing FJ. 50th Street, with demolition of the auditorium and <br />adjacent classrooms. Would provide approximately 17,000 useab1e.s.f. Estimated <br />baseiiw. renovation cost: $389,000 and annual maintenance of $72,000. Complete <br />renovaision and restoration costs: $528,000 and annual maintenance of $72,000. <br />Alternative D - Maintain the central entry of the building as a monument with <br />demolition of the structure. <br />Estimated monument renovation and restoration costs : $245,000 (includes demolition) <br />and annual maintenance cost of $2,000. Alternative E - Total demolition of <br />building with conversion of entire site to a neighborhood park. <br />building demolition and backfill costs: $175,000. Mr. Jarvis advised that the <br />charge given by the Council with regard to the parks was to look at alternatives <br />not only for the north side of W. 50th Street, which is integral to the school <br />solution, but also to Utley Park on the south.side 0f.W. 50th Street, adjacent <br />to Minnehaha Creek. <br />to the school before a finaldecision can be made regarding the park to the north <br />of W. 50th Street. <br />Largest impact to park area to the north by maintaining the school in its present <br />configuration. Provides a parking lot on the site to accomodate building useage. <br />Reduces available recreational space from 5.3 acres to 1.8 acres. For Utley Park <br />a lagoon and island would be created off Minnehaha Creek with other changes being <br />minimal. Access would be off W. 50th Street. Alternative B - Significant <br />structural change to school building with reduction in parking lot area. Would <br />permit construction of a football/soccer field and hard surface game area north <br />of the building. For Utley Park there is a slight restructuring of the surface <br />parking; the other uses are fundamentally the same. <br />would be cut back to the historic facade. <br />of the structure. <br />a softball diamond as well as a football/soccer field. <br />set off the facade of the school structure. <br />to move the Grange Hall and the old Cahill School from Tupa Park to an historic <br />area in the westerly portion. <br />. OF CONSULTANT PRESENTED. Affidavits of Notice we're presented by Clerk, approved <br />Elember Richards then indicated the <br />He <br />Additionally, it was felt that <br />Finally, Utley Park was <br />ii <br />-. With regard to <br />Presented were: -- B - <br />Alternative B - Maintain the original building as constructed <br />Would provide approximately <br />Alternative C - Maintain the legitimate <br />Would provide approximately 480 useable s.f. <br />Estimated <br />He noted that the Council must make a decision with respect <br />I Five alternatives for the parks were presented: Alternative A - <br />Alternative C - School building <br />Parking lot would be located to the north <br />Would permit expansion of the multi-purpose turf area to include <br />Formal landscaping would <br />For Utley Park the possibility exists <br />Alternative D - School site would retain the