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2/4/85 <br />69 <br />rl 0 <br />central entry of the building as a monument, with remainder of building demolished. <br />Parking lot would be smaller. <br />slightly larger turf area. <br />restructured to the east. <br />tive E - Site plan retains no portion of the school building. <br />accessed off Wooddale. <br />slightly enlarged turf area. For Utley Park a reconfigured parking lot accessed <br />off Wooddale Avenue. All park alternatives have in common a proposed pedestrian <br />underpass at the westerly end. Mr. Jarvis stated that the charge given by the <br />Council for W. 50th Street was to look at the entire corridor from Highway 100 <br />east to Halifax Avenue, the westerly terminus of the 50th and France redevelop- <br />ment project area. He noted that W. 50th Street is classified as a minor arterial, <br />serving between 14,000 and 20,000 vehicles per day. <br />the street break at Wooddale Avenue. The character o.f the street east of Wooddale <br />Avenue is primarily residential and west of Wooddale is more open and institutional. <br />Alternatives for W. 50th Street from Highway 100 to Wooddale Avenue were: <br />Alternative A - Reconstruct the street at the existing 40 ft. width, with improved <br />sight distance at Eden Avenue, improved geometrics at Wooddale Avenue to provide <br />left turn lanes, with si.dewalk both sides. Alternative B - Would widen the street <br />to 52 ft. width, create a narrow median to provide a protected left turn lane at <br />Wooddale, with spot medians to define left turns. Alternative C - Street would <br />function the same as in Alternative B. Width.would be 68 ft. and constructed as <br />a parkway design with a wider median at the parks. Alternative D - The street <br />would be narrowed to 28 feet except at intersections for construction of left <br />Formal landscaping to enhance the monument, and <br />Alterna- <br />For Utley Park the historic building cluster would be <br />The lagoon and island remain as proposed. <br />Parking lot is <br />Tot lot to the north, multi-purpose court area and a <br />The volumes and functions of I <br />turn lanes. <br />would relocate more land to Utley Park. <br />to the south at the park area would relocate more land to the school site area. <br />Alternatives for W. 50th Street from Wooddale Avenue to Halifax Avenue were: <br />Alternative A - Reconstruct the street at the existing 40 ft. width, with improve- <br />ments in terms of width at the Wooddale intersections and a parking bay at <br />St. Stephens church. <br />four moving lanes of traffic at all times. Alternative C - Street would be <br />40 ft. wide, with painted lines to delineate two moving lanes except at all <br />major intersections where left turn lanes are provided. Alternative D - Street <br />would be narrowed to a 28 ft. width except with improvements at Wooddale Avenue <br />for left turn lanes. Alternative E - Street would be narrowed to a 28 ft. width <br />except for the major intersections of Wooddale, Arden and the entrance to the <br />Alternative D1 - A curve of the roadway to the north at the park area <br />Alternative D2 - A curve of the roadway <br />Alternative B - Would widen the street to 46 ft. to allow <br />bank- where left tirn lanes would be constructed. <br />ing the West 50th Street grade at Eden Avenue and intersection alignment changes <br />at Eden Avenue and Browndale Avenue. Mr. Jarvis pointed out that an important <br />side effect of the Council's policy decision on these alternatives is the ulti- <br />mate financing, and that certain standards are required by the Minnesota Depart- <br />ment of Transportation (MNDot) to be met if State Aid monies are to be used for <br />the reconstruction of the street. <br />Z.ppjsOaCh for W. 50th Street east of Wooddale Avenue is the appropriate-approach. <br />Ft'a, Gordon Hughes advised that an objective, professionalopinion and joint <br />ccc~=.~ Itadstaff recommendation has been drafted on the alternatives as shown <br />in the consultant's study of West 50th Street/Wooddale School Building/Wooddale <br />School Site/Utley Park. He noted that from a staff standpoint, the opinion is <br />not unanimous because of the disciplines involved from a park, engineering and <br />planning standpoint and in those differences the City Manager has "cut the knot". <br />School Recommendation: Staff recommends Alternate E (total demolition) ; the <br />consultant recommends Alternate D (monument). Reasons: 1) Provides needed open <br />space and neighborhood park, 2) costs of renovation and operation for public <br />uses are too great, 3) Major public renters of building not present, and 4) un- <br />desirable to split public uses between Community Center and Wooddale School. <br />Park Recommendation: Staff/consultant recognize that the park element is the most <br />schematic of the three issue areas. <br />funding available. Key Elements: 1) Pedestrian underpass at the creek, 2) Skating/ <br />canoe lagoon, 3) Improved parking areas, 4) Tot lot, 5) Game court and 6) General <br />field space. Secondary Element: Investigation of relocation of Grange Hall and <br />Cahill School. <br />Alternative E is recommended for Wooddale Park; Alternative C is recommended for <br />Utley Park. West 50th Street Recommendation: Staff/consultant found the review <br />of West 50th Street the most difficult. <br />the east of Wooddale segment and the West of Wooddale segment. <br />1) Significant change in traffic volumes at Wooddale, 2) East segment more <br />"collector like" - West segment more "arterial like", 3) Significant change in <br />appearance of roadway at Wooddale, 4) Change in neighborhood characteristics, <br />and 5) Trees. Alternate C is recommended for the T.H. 100 to Wooddale segment, <br />providing four 12-foot lanes, protected left turn lanes and a parkway design <br />with wide, landscaped medians. Reasons: 1) Provides design which is compatible <br />with functional classification, 2) Allows parkway design which will reduce speed, <br />enhance aesthics, and 3) Fundable through State Aid. Alternate A is recommended <br />All alternatives include lower- <br />In the opinion of BRW, a variance request <br />Depends on programming of the park and the <br />Based on those elements and the recommendation for Wooddale School, <br />The Study makes a distinction between <br />Key Factors: <br />I