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2/4/85 <br />-- 70 <br />for the Wooddale to Ealifax segment, with reconstruction at the existing 40 ft. <br />width. <br />which is more collector like in function, and 3) More compatible with neighbor- <br />hood characteristics. <br />posed to be constructed with the roadway: a) underground power lines, b) parking <br />bay along the Church, c) some sanitary sewer and storm sewer upgrading, and <br />d) leave sidewalks in present locations and rebuild where necessary. lfr. Hughes <br />then presented staff's recommendation for funding as follows: <br />Reasons: 1) Preserve as many trees as possible, 2) Provides a design <br />Mr. Hughes pointed out that other improvements are pro- <br />"Proposed Wooddale School and Park Budget (City Funds) <br />costs <br />Demolition <br />Improvements <br />Tot lot <br />Parking (Portion assessed) <br />Game courts <br />Field area <br />Basic landscaping <br />Source of Funds <br />Proceeds from School District <br />Park Budget <br />1985 Capital Improvements Budget <br />$175,000 <br />100,000 <br />$275,000 <br />$ 75,000 <br />100,000 <br />100,000 <br />$275,000 <br />Items Funded by Others <br />Canoe Landing/Skating Lagoon - Watershed District <br />Unfunded Future Items <br />Relocation of Grange Hall & Cahill School <br />Additional Landscaping <br />West 50th Street Improvement <br />costs <br />T.H. 100 to Wooddale <br />Pedestrian underpass <br />Wooddale to Halifax <br />Underground power lines <br />Street lighting <br />Landscaping <br />$714 , 000 <br />60,000 <br />411,000 <br />300,000 <br />100 , 000 <br />85 , 000 <br />$1,670,000 <br />Source of Funds <br />If State Aid Variance is Granted for Wooddale to Halifax: <br />State Aid $1,069,000 <br />Utility Fund 21,300 <br />Customary Assessment to abutting owners 160,000 <br />Assessment to others 299,700 <br />City Participation in curb and gutter 100 , 000 <br />. Watershed Participation 20,000 . <br />If State Aid Variance is Denied: <br />State Aid $ 705,000 <br />Utility Fund 21,300 <br />100,000 <br />Customary Assessment to abutting owners 160,000 <br />City Participation in curb and gutter <br />Watershed Participation <br />Assessment to others <br />20,000 <br />663 , 700 <br />Member Richards then called for a presentation of recommendations of the Edina <br />Heritage Preservation Board. Foster Dunwiddie, President of the Board, .stated <br />that the primary charge from the Council to the Board is to study and investigate <br />land and buildings within the'City to be considered for preservation. <br />a 1979 city-wide survey of sites considered to be of historic and architechural <br />significance, the Country Club District was nominated to the National Register <br />of Historic Places.and subsequently was placed on the National Register with <br />Wooddale School listed as a pivotal structure. <br />the wooddale School and recommended that the School be rezoned to Heritage <br />Preservation District. Tom Martinson, charter member of the Board, summarized <br />the written report of the Edina Heritage Preservation Board to the Council. He <br />pointed out that the school building 'is a handsome building, structurally very <br />sound, with substantial value as real estate. <br />existing buildings is the strongest single real estate market in the United States <br />today. <br />has a current value, exclusive of land of $1,360,000 for 68,000 s.f. of space. <br />The building can be brought to modern standards for about one-third the cost of <br />constructing similar new space. He referred to an operating pro forma of Wood- <br />dale as rental property, which the Board had prepared, which illustrated that <br />Following <br />In 1983 the Board again reviewed <br />Rehabilitation and restoration of <br />Based upon the current shell value of $20/s.f. for existing buildings, it