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Draft Minutes☐ <br />Approved Minutes☒ <br />Approved Date: 4/18/2019 <br />C. Traffic Safety Report of February 26, 2019 <br /> <br />Motion was made by Commissioner Johnson and seconded by commissioner Ruthruff to <br />approve the February 26, 2019 traffic safety report. All voted Aye. Motion Carried. <br /> <br />D. 2019 Work Plan Updates <br />• #1 Two meetings will be held with the working group on 3/25 and 4/15 <br />• #3 Community columns will be published in the Sun Current <br />• #4 Planning to continue service and possibly add a second loop <br /> <br />VIII. Chair And Member Comments <br />Commissioner McCarthy said he has some concerns with the shared space for vehicles, cyclists and <br />pedestrian in the approved 7200/7250 France development plan. <br /> <br />Commissioner Kane said he would like to see past and future bike/pedestrian projects on one map. <br /> <br />Commissioner Richman said that publishing a map would be very helpful and people like to see that kind of <br />information. <br /> <br />IX. Staff Comments <br /> <br />• The W 58th St open house was held a few weeks ago; small group meetings are next step in <br />the process. <br />• CloverRide will be launching an additional marketing campaign. <br />• Draft comprehensive plan is out for 30-day public review; Planning Commission public <br />hearing is April 24th. <br />• Director Millner met with board members of Grandview Square to discuss Grandview <br />District Transportation Study. <br />• Planner Scipioni and Traffic Safety Coordinator Bauler attended the Minnesota <br />Transportation Conference, attended seminars on variety of topics. <br />• Council approved the MOU with Lime, waiting to hear schedule for deployment. <br />• Traffic Safety Coordinator Bauler presented the 2018 Traffic Safety Summary Report to <br />Council this week, was well-received. <br />• Spack Consulting will be creating the educational presentation on traffic studies for the <br />ETC. <br />• There will be no Traffic Safety Report in March. <br />• Annual Boards and Commissions Recognition dinner is April 30th at Braemar. <br /> <br />X. Schedule of Meeting and Events as of March 1, 2019 <br />For information purposes only, no discussion. <br /> <br />XI. Adjournment at 7:23 p.m <br />