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5/18/87 <br />4i3 <br />m 5 <br />and covers two growing seasons. <br />the developer to prepare the sectional graphics illustrating the elevations and <br />sight lines from the Jonason residence to the Vernon Oaks development to determine <br />what height would effectively screen the project from anyone looking from west to <br />east. He has asked the developer to consider berming along the westerly border in <br />those areas where the natural terrain is less than 940 feet in elevation and to <br />place coniferous trees on top of the berm to accomplish effective screening for <br />the residents to the west. <br />building be screened from Vernon Avenue. <br />stated that he felt progress had been made on the site and that the developer has <br />responded with the signalization agreement, parking agreement and landscaping, He <br />noted that the county has not approved a traffic signal for the Ayrshireflernon <br />intersection and that the neighborhood should consider the speed limit and signal <br />aside from this issue as not all residents necessarily want the speed reduced or <br />the signal. He said that he had asked the developer to respond to the economic <br />factors of a reduced density for the project. <br />future proposed apartment development very closely as to density as he felt the <br />single family homes which have been the main supporters of the school system has <br />been the reason people want to live in Edina. <br />the density issue was a community problem, that we should draw the line, stand <br />In response to comments of Member Smith, Mr. Bjornnes said that with regard to the <br />berming and the westerly border of the property there is no problem with that. He <br />said he has discussed with the Park Department clam-shelling any trees that can be <br />moved from the site over to the Duncraig Park at no cost to the City. <br />respect to the berming itself, they will do whatever staff feels is appropriate <br />for additional screening with a combination of berming and trees. He said he <br />would like to see the speed limit reduced as that would be good for everyone. As <br />far as the signalization request that is a contractural promise and if the signal <br />goes in they will pay their fair share. <br />density cannot be smaller, Mr. Bjornnes said there were a number of reasons. <br />Underground parking expands the costs significantly, makes a high quality project <br />but brings with it certain minimum requirements. <br />above underground parking to make the economics work is three stories. <br />considered four stories but thought that was too intrusive. Less than three <br />stories would not work because this is a stick building. <br />construction which is concrete then you have to go more stories. <br />there was a delicate balance of what is the smallest it can be made and still make <br />it work economically and what is appropriate for the site. <br />combination of those factors yielded the three story design above the underground <br />parking. Mr. Mahoney countered with the comment that he felt Mr. Bjornnes figures <br />should be reviewed and that he questioned Mr. Bjornnes' credibility. Bruce <br />Carlson, 6212 Parkwood Road, stated he had known Mr. Bjornnes for a long time and <br />said he resented the fact that anyone would question his credibility. He said he <br />is a real estate broker and that he knows of three or four couples that he had <br />sold upper bracket homes to that want to stay in Edina who cannot find good <br />quality apartments. <br />Mr. Bjornnes; that he is very meticulous and highly creditable. A1 Hipps, <br />landscape architect for the project, said he has had experience in working on site <br />development with mature oaks and the cost and expense in trying to save them. <br />said that he has found Mr. Bjornnes to be very responsive to concerns he had on <br />the site development process. <br />need of trimming and Mr. Bjornnes had responded immediately by contracting for <br />trimming of the trees. <br />discovered there were some natural land forms that they wanted to save and extra <br />money was spent in trying to design an entrance road that would preserve the <br />character of the site. Mr. Hipps then explained the landscape plans for the site <br />and stated that he felt as a development group they have been responsive to the <br />concerns of the City staff, concerns of adjacent neighbors, and have met with <br />Member Smith to discuss berming and intensifying the plantings along the entrance <br />road. <br />and said that as he walked the site he felt that the privacy issue for the <br />adjacent homes would be addressed by the existing vegetation that will be left <br />there and the supplemental proposal of 15 additional trees along the west and <br />northwest part of the building. In response to Mr. Schmid, Mr. Xpps pointed out <br />the areas and types of existing vegetation that would be preserved on the site and <br />the areas where plantings will be intensified. <br />Member Turner moved that the public hearing be closed. <br />Mayor Courtney. <br />Continuing, Member Smith said that he had asked <br />He added that he felt it was also important that the <br />With those conditions, Member Smith <br />He commented that he would view any <br />Mu. Mahoney commented that he felt , I I I still and go over it all before this high dedsity project is given final approval. <br />With <br />Regarding the economics as to why the <br />f <br />The minimum number of stories <br />They had <br />If you move to type two <br />They felt that <br />Mr. Bjornnes said a <br />He said he was aware of some of the other projects built by <br />He <br />He had advised that a lot of the oak trees were in <br />In working with Nick Pailai on the site lay-out, they <br />He explained the specific topography on the westerly border of the property <br />No further comment being heard, <br />Motion was seconded by <br />Ayes: Richards, Smith, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />Member Turner then moved Second Reading and adoption of Ordinance No. 825-All and <br />adoption of the resolution for final plat approval as follows, subject to these <br />conditions : ,. - <br />1) Payment of a subdivision dedication fee of $26,400.00, 2) Executed Developer's <br />Agreement, 3) Executed and recorded Proof of Parking Agreement, 4) Executed <br />Assessment Agreement for cost of signalization, 5) Landscape Plan approved by <br />staff, reflecting suggestions made by Member Smith: