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458 <br />period of July 1987 to July 1988. <br />redevelopment planning in southeast Edina, it was concluded that the work program <br />was already in progress in the form of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) <br />for the Hedberg property. <br />considering traffic issues and transportation system needs for the entire <br />southeast sector. <br />envisioned by the Council for the coming year and no additional tasks for this <br />issue are suggested. Assistant Manager Hughes commented that Issue #5 was added <br />following the Council's direction of June 1, 1987 to review the City's <br />Comprehensive Plan as it relates to multiple family housing. He noted that with <br />Member Turner's assistance an ambitious time schedule has been developed for that <br />effort, starting with the Special Council Meeting scheduled for July 13, 1987 to <br />review the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance; Planning Commission hearing on <br />amendments to the Plan and Zoning Ordinance on July.29, 1987 .and Council hearing <br />on August 17, 1987. Member Smith commented that he felt there should be citizen <br />involvement as to what they perceived for the City. Member Turner commented that <br />that was done in 1980 when a task force looked at the housing element of the Plan. <br />Member Kelly suggested that enough time be allowed for a thorough review and <br />community input and that the housing component was her greatest concern. She also <br />said that she felt an outside planner or consultant should be hired to interview <br />citizens for their comments. <br />hiring a consultant, that in his past experience in working with various groups he <br />had not found information from consultants to be of much value. Member Turner <br />said that the housing element and the land use element of the Plan have to be <br />considered together and that the Work Program limited the Plan review to those two <br />elements. <br />meeting of July 13, 1987 to identify the issues to be looked at and to redevelop a <br />schedule that could include citizen input as part of The review process. <br />regard to Issue #4, Member Turner asked if the EIS for the Hedberg property would <br />cover the whole area from the Fairview Southdale Hospital to 1-494 and from France <br />Avenue to York Avenue. <br />area that would include the areas of the hospital and So-hdale from an <br />environment impact standpoint. Member Kelly asked it Issue#3 regarding a stable <br />revenue source to fund the Capital Improvement Plan would be dependent on outside <br />funding. <br />infrastructure. <br />develop a long-range stable revenue source to insure funding of the Capital <br />Improvement Plan and to provide for replacement and regair .of facilities and <br />infrastructure. Member Smith suggested that there might sume individuals in the <br />community who could be advisory on the matter of aportfolio manager. In <br />reference to Issue #2 on the City's park and recreation facilities, Member Kelly <br />questioned if the existing facilities meet the needs of the community at this <br />point in time and whether or not some of the facilities should be closed to better <br />maintain the others. <br />one aspect of the issue as well as using fees to offset the cost of maintenance; <br />also, that the task force charge includes assessing the facilities. Member Smith <br />suggested that the task force include two citizens at large from each quadrant of <br />the City. Member Turner agreed that a task force of llmembers would be a <br />workable size. Member Turner asked who would do the independent audit concerning <br />the present condition of parks and facilities and if there would be budget <br />implications. Mr. Hughes said that he envisioned that the audit would be done by <br />the task force. <br />Planning Work Program amended as the result of the Council's discussion. <br />was seconded by Member Kelly. <br />In reference to Issue #4 concerning <br />Due to the scale of this project, the EIS is <br />It is felt that the EIS will provide the necessary work <br />I <br />Mayor Courtney said that he would be opposed to <br />Following discussion of the comments made, it was agreed to use the <br />With <br />Mr. Hughes replied that itwould aczually cover a larger <br />I She added that she felt it important that we maintain the City's <br />Manager Rosland responded that the purpose of Issue #3 was to <br />Member Turner said that maintenance of-park facilities is <br />Member Turner then moved approval of the 1987-88 Strategic <br />Motion <br />Ayes: Kelly, Richards, Smith, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />SUMMAR.. OF 1987 LEGISLATIVE ACTS DISCUSSED. <br />been put in charge of the legislative committee for The Nunicipal Legislative <br />Caucus (MLC) and has also accepted the job as vice-chairman of the MLC which <br />includes chairing the operating committee. <br />active in the legislative committee and intends to be aggressive instead of <br />reactive to proposed legislation and its affect upon F.dinn as well as the other <br />cities in the MLC, and in particular local government aid. <br />is development of a booklet in a shplified form that will explain how state aids <br />work. He saidthat he would keep <br />the Council informed as to progress. <br />1987 legislation really affects the City but that there could be some that would <br />hit us in 1988. Member Turner said that when the Council holds its 1988 budget <br />meetings that she would like to know the affect on Edina of extending the motor <br />vehicle excise tax, sales tax on recreational services, increase in minimum wage, <br />unpaid leave for new parents, pipeline safety act and the requirement to have an <br />emergency response plan, and the groundwater planning. Mr. Rosland said that <br />generally speaking we have spe of those things in place and that none would be <br />disasterous. <br />APPOINTMENTS TO COMMUNITY SERVICES BOARD DISCUSSED. Member Turner recalled that <br />the Community Services Task Force Report included recommendations regarding the <br />governance of community services. <br />Manager Rosland commented that he has <br />He said *hat he Txrtends to be very <br />I He said the first task <br />Then a recommended program will be developed. <br />Mr. Rosland pointed out that none of che <br />He said that the Council would be provided that information. <br />As a follow-up, a Community Services Board