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Petition summary and <br />background <br />The City of Edina is currently proposing back to back summers of road construction for the years 2020 and 2021 in the <br />Melody Lakes neighborhood. This will directly effect access to our homes and impact your enjoyment of summer. <br />Action petitioned for We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to accept the will of their constituents and <br />combine the Melody Lakes road construction project into 1 year starting in 2021. <br />Printed Name Signature Address Comment Date <br />A, .57;41 1 si 4.12Q <br />-.----c_CV aADQ, // 5 <br />cho 01),ep (157)-6 C Cidle k'Ce //3 <br />2/ 1 D11 iii 7 ',2c <br />V)Uk:t3 ā€”1. I ] 6-Y-\-- .' -7 ri Po\ LC .f\\IC. ' V c/ <br />-My A- F 6-- L._$A-7,J i -c,./_,_ 5)? 0 1 <br />La v / CUk-- <br />' 2 Ja_olz a5i)et-- 3-7(5 <br />Si 0, cā€˜ <br />\MAN unv, Vt