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238471 <br />ti CODE AVEANE <br />(W. 30 feet of N. 150 feet of Govt <br />Iaot 4, Sec. 33, Twp. 117, R. 21) <br />l� LUND <br />4 <br />- <br />OFFICE OF REGISTER Of DEEDS <br />STATE OF MINNESOTA <br />.CgUNTY :OF .HENNERIN <br />I hereby.eertify.that the within.*&Wn l `. <br />was filed for record in this office Jw. <br />.f <br />f _ AW <br />III <br />o'alolr , and ryas duly reeordrd+r book <br />168'7 <br />Of Deeds Page �92ete <br />ISTER OF DEEDS . d l r �M € ' -1 t <br />-fir � <br />1 LR L1 1 ERE i <br />8y ,EPU Y REGISTER OF D <br />NIAY 29 1946 <br />H mN' EF <br />COiJVI'Y, <br />C' <br />