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STATE OF MINNESOTA <br />as <br />COUNTY OF HENNEP IN <br />On this dam f , a .1945, before me <br />personallyL appeared - ---- -- and , Who <br />being firs duly sworn before me to that they e, respectively,_ <br />the and , , , of <br />Nay and Stenson Co., , the within 4ed corporation, and that <br />they executed the foregoing instrument, and affixed seal of said <br />corporation thereto, an behalf of said corporation by authority of <br />its Board of Directors and as the free act and deed of said <br />,corporation. <br />iL <br />Notary Public ".�' 0unty.Yinn. <br />My. commission expires <br />W�+Rery YuM►c H,�nnap +n G_tiv ^`y. rQrin, '' <br />My ComrriWWn Expires SOL d, 1948. <br />I <br />J 3 <br />A <br />oZ <br />wL0 <br />t� aS Y •� T� <br />LI <br />4JQQ <br />!� <br />Cj <br />l_ <br />LL�ti <br />C <br />ta <br />.. <br />4-1 <br />) -: <br />�. <br />CH <br />1` N <br />iL <br />z <br />Lw <br />m <br />baz <br />J 3 <br />A <br />oZ <br />wL0 <br />t� aS Y •� T� <br />LI <br />WO 0 -C w.y <br />Cj <br />l_ <br />LL�ti <br />C <br />z <br />