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VjMa'.631 192322 <br />(ratifiraw <br />... \\, 1.92322 <br />DISTRICT COURT N9 9100 <br />Village of Edina <br />Dwner. <br />IMPORTANT <br />In dealing with the land <br />described in this certificate, the <br />names of the parties and descrip- <br />tion of property should be ex- <br />actly the same as written herein. <br />ft <br />I No <br />19 -28 -24 df <br />J.02 <br />PRO W.OF BORAN' S E1lI -rV MANOR j <br />NEl /4 of 3111/4 exc.E -133 ft.there_� <br />of and except that Fart thereof p <br />platted as Boran's Edina Manor, <br />Sec. 19,Twp.28,R.24, and N.275 ft. <br />of ;El/4 of SE1 /4 except that <br />part platted as Boran's Edina <br />Manor, 3ec.19,Twp.28,R.24. <br />ATTENTION <br />DELAY and EXPENSE <br />will be caused by the loss of this <br />certificate. <br />