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JAMES E.00RSEY <br />JOSEPH H, COLMAN <br />DAVID E. BRONSON <br />KENNETH M,OWEN <br />LELAND W. SCOTT <br />LEAVITT R. BARKER <br />HUGH H. BARBER <br />LELAND S.DUXBURY <br />CHARLES F. NOONAN <br />DONALD WEST <br />HARRY A,BLACKMUN <br />WALDO F. MARQUART <br />JOHN W. WINDHORST <br />HENRY E.HALLADAY <br />JULE M. HANNAFORD <br />ARTHUR B. WHITNEY <br />EDWIN F, RINGER <br />RUSSELL W. LINDQUIST <br />JACK E. HANTH 0 R <br />DAVID R, BRINK <br />HORACE E. HITCH <br />DORSEY, COLMAN, BARKER, SCOTT & BARBER <br />ATTORNEYS AT LAW <br />May 12, 1949 <br />Village of Edina <br />4801 West 50th Street <br />Minneapolis, Minnesota <br />Gentlemen: <br />FIRST NATIONAL -SOO LINE BUILDING <br />MINNEAPOLIS 2, MINNESOTA <br />TELEPHONE MAIN 3355 <br />We enclose herewith abstract of title to <br />the property which you recently purchased from Mr. <br />and Mrs. Lester R. Blackburn for park purposes. The <br />deed for this property has been recorded in the office <br />of the Register of Deeds. <br />Very truly yours, <br />JVJW : GT <br />Enclosure <br />