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D E Z D <br />THIS INDENTURE, Made this // day of 1)144 , 1953P <br />between the Edina American Legion Post No 71 Housing Foundations Inc.�a�a <br />a corporation under the laws of the State of Minnesota, party of the _I <br />first part, and the Village of Edina, a atmicipal corporation under the <br />laws of the State of Minnesota, party of the second parts <br />WITNESSETH, That the said party of the first part, is a nnsid- <br />oration of the sum of One Dollar ($1.00) to it in hand paid by the said <br />party of the second part, the receipt uheresf is hereby acknowledged, <br />does hereby Grant, Bargain, Quitclaim and Canvey unto the said party of <br />the second part, its successors and assigns.. Forever, all the tract or <br />parcel of land lying and being in the County of Hennepin and State of <br />Minnesota, described as follows, to -faits <br />That part of Lot Eleven (11), Block Five (5), <br />Craikts First Addition to Edina, described as <br />follows, to -wit t Co ring on the South line <br />of Lot Eleven (11), Block Five (5)i Craikts <br />First Addition to Edina., at a point distant <br />12.927 feet.Easterly .of the Southwest corner <br />of said Lot Eleven (11),- measured along the <br />South line of said Lot Eleven (11)3 thence <br />Westerly along the , South line of said Lot <br />Eleven (11) to the Southwest corner of Lot <br />Eleven (11); thence Northerly along tk <br />0 West <br />lime of said ►Lot Eleven (11), a diet dU6 of <br />65.72 feet; thence Southerly to the paint <br />begiuningp according to the map or plat Wr <br />onfile and of record in the office of the 4g-#, <br />- -� <br />ister of Deeds in and for Hennepin Coaatyj <br />r ---` <br />Minnesota.- - <br />Boo <br />TO HAVE AND TO HCW THE SAME, together frith <br />heredii�a- , <br />i. <br />,, <br />s <br />ments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or 3a, <br />the said party of the second part., its successors and assigns, <br />Fe ever* <br />IN TESTIMONY' WHEREOF, The said party of the first part has caused <br />these press is to be executed in its gorporate name by its duly authorized <br />officers the day aad year <br />first above written, <br />In Presence Oft <br />EDI CAN LEGION POST NO. x.71 <br />HOU ING FOUMA T ION, INC. <br />It's N7- <br />And (2- . <br />It's,," <br />U <br />#*1 <br />